Man, 22, Electrocuted in Caldwell

22, year-old Charles Jackson (center) was electrocuted while unplugging a generator.

Charles Jackson, 22, of Caldwell’s Dixville Road community was killed after coming in direct contact with electric current while unplugging his family’s generator last Sunday.

Known popularly as ‘Small Man,’ family members said Jackson was highly intelligent and a patriot who recently voted in the presidential and legislative elections.

“I just saw him excited, wearing his campaign t-shirt with a group of friends going to Point Four. To see him dead today is painful,” stated a neighbor, Madam Betty.

According to one of his associates, who spoke on behalf of the family, Small Man’s death was sudden and shocking.

“It’s hard to explain it. We still can’t understand how he got electrocuted,” added one Richard, a member of the same community.

According to neighbors, in the evening hours of November 12, Small Man’s family generator was on when electricity supplied by a community member, Varney, was switched on.

“Varney supplies many houses with electricity and the Jackson family as well is connected to his grid. Sometimes it is not stable. When that happens, the Jackson family usually turns their generator on until the other comes back on,” Richard explained.

He said Small Man decided to turn his generator off so he could switch to the ‘community current’ provided by Varney.

“He went to the breaker switch and turned the generator line off. He then went outside where the generator was, but decided to draw a bucket of water and do a couple of other things before finally bringing the generator inside,” he added.

According to witnesses, Small Man was electrocuted while attempting to unplug the generator cable. Initially, family members thought he was joking until they realized something was seriously wrong.

“His mother ran to him and yanked the wire out of his hand. However, nothing happened to the mother. Small Man was by then not moving as his mother held him in her arms. They rushed him to the hospital, where doctors there told us that he was already dead before arrival. It is such a shock to us,” the family lamented.


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