Mamba Kaba Gets Car Road

Rep. Tarponweh greets residents, including children who appreciated his good will gesture

For the first time, constituents in the Mamba Kaba area of Margibi Electoral District 1 have every reason to celebrate as a footpath through which they have traveled to and from their villages for many years, has now become a highway on which vehicles can travel. The road is also deemed to be weather-worthy.

The opening of the five-kilometer road, which runs from DU-Side Hospital in Firestone to Togar Town and Doegboen Village, is the first of its kind since Liberia was founded.

The project is the personal initiative of the district’s newly-elected Representative Tilberosa S. Tarponweh, who said during a visit over the weekend that residents of that part of Margibi have for too long endured a lack of farm-to-market roads and many other basic life necessities, including safe drinking water and good healthcare centers.

Tarponweh, who was welcomed with a plethora of traditional songs and dances from the residents, expressed his joy in seeing that he has gotten the privilege to serve and provide for them in whatever way possible.

“This is not about glorifying me, but about being grateful to God and making sure of how all of us, even if resources come from our pockets, can help to impact the lives of these our fellow citizens who stood under the sun and the heavy downpour to vote us into a position of service,” he said.

The lawmaker said even though government is yet to provide County and Social Development funds, the time is now for one to sacrifice all it takes to get the right things done.

“During our 2017 political campaign days, I traveled to this part of Margibi and saw the terrible conditions our people are going through. This road, which we hope to dedicate soon, was just a footpath, and because of that, these people found it very difficult to transport their harvests to nearby markets,” Tarponweh recalled.

He added that due to the lack of good road network, it has become difficult for any project, including the drilling of wells and installation of hand pumps, to go on.

SEC-owned earth-moving equipment at work

“While it appears that we have the largest electoral district, and with many competing priorities, we feel that the residents of Mamba Kaba need much attention. This is so because inasmuch as they are very close to Firestone and not too far from Monrovia, life here is appalling as compared to people in Marshall, mainland Firestone or Duazon,” Tarponweh pointed out.

He also spoke of the area’s lack of school and safe drinking water, a situation that caused the residents to drink from nearby creeks that are preserved for doing laundry.

He said the only elementary school nearby is situated in Togar Town, which is far from many other towns, thereby causing some children of school-going age not to go to school.

The road project manager Amos Hne Doe said its width is 18 feet, while the length is five kilometers, costing over US$12,000,” Doe said.

He said Standard Equipment Corporation (SEC) is the construction company that is doing the job and that within two weeks the project will be completed to benefit the residents.

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