Malaria Control Program Promises 2.6M Mosquito Nets

Treated mosquito net forms a protective barrier around people sleeping under it. The insecticide in it not only kills mosquitoes, which carry the malaria parasites and other insects, but also repels mosquitoes. (Photo:

To control the spread of malaria in Liberia, the government of Liberia, with support from Plan International Global Fund has promised to distribute about 2.6 million insecticide treated mosquito nets early next year.

Emmanuel R. Konoe, Plan International Global Fund Project Deputy Chief of Party, made the disclosure yesterday during a media briefing hosted under the theme, “Liberia 2018 Long Insecticide Treated Net.”

Konoe said the initiative is aimed at reducing malaria by 50 percent in the country in 2018.

He noted that the authorities at the Ministry of Health in collaboration with Plan International Global Fund will launch the project in March 2018 with a vigorous fight against malaria by sensitizing Liberians on the danger it poses to their health.

Daniel V. Somah, National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) Coordinator, said the pending distribution exercise will eventually ensure each household receiving three mosquito nets.

Somah said since 2007, the NMCP and partners have distributed over four million nets; in 2015, the program distributed 2.8 million nets through its universal mass campaign across the country.

To reduce malaria in Liberia, “get a mosquito net, sleep under it everywhere and every night, because it is important to sleep under the net whether sleeping indoors or outdoors in dry season or rainy season, or traveling,” Somah said.

To prevent the disease, he urged people to clean their respective communities; remove shallow water; cutting grass; and throwing away all dirt — these comprising key parts of the prevention message.

“We want to encourage people to sleep under treated mosquito nets, to spray the walls with medicine that would kill the mosquito parasites,” Somah urged.

He said malaria can only be treated when the victim is tested at a recognized health facility and the result is positive, “because malaria is one of the leading causes of sicknesses and deaths among the world population, especially pregnant women and children under five years, who are at high risk.”

Somah emphasized the need to always sleep under a mosquito net as the best way to protect the family and each member of the community from getting malaria.

“We will ensure that at least all households in Liberia receive mosquito nets, and will follow up with them to see if they are actually sleeping under them everywhere and every night,” he said.


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