Make Ultimate Sacrifice for Country


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has told health workers across the country that their work is the ultimate sacrifice in line with Hippocratic Oath that compels them to save lives.

The Liberian leader pledged that with the sacrifices health workers are making, government has no excuse not to act in creating the environment for smooth operation. “The government is doing all within its power to supply the equipment which you need to protect yourselves and the Health Ministry is going to do that immediately,” she promised.

She was speaking at the Liberian Government Hospital in Tubmanburg on Saturday August 23, 2014, when she visited that county. Bomi County, along with others in the western region, has been quarantined for some weeks. The measure was aimed at helping to contain the spread of the Ebola virus.

The Liberian President commended healthcare workers in Bomi County for going the extra mile in the wake of the Ebola virus outbreak in the country, noting that she was impressed by the courage and enthusiasm demonstrated by the healthcare workers in such an emergency situation which has claimed hundreds of lives, including those of their colleagues.

In charge of the Liberian Government Hospital in Bomi County is Dr. Gabriel Logan, who is known as the Chief Medical Officer (CMO). Dr. Logan thanked President Sirleaf for her personal engagement in the Ebola fight.

Briefing President Sirleaf about the state of the hospital, Dr. Logan said the Bomi County Health Team,  in collaboration with the local government, has initiated several measures aimed at stopping further transmission in the county.

He named some of the measures as the construction of an isolation center and anti-Ebola messaging, which he said, has greatly impacted the fight. The CMO praised government for the food supply and the cooperation being received from security forces enforcing anti-Ebola regulations.

Dr. Logan appealed to President Sirleaf, the government and its partners, for the provision of personal protection Equipment (PPEs) that he thinks will encourage health workers in the discharge of their duties. “We lack disposable PPEs and by this, nurses are reluctant to carry out preliminary screening in distinguishing whether it is Ebola or the regular ailment,” Dr. Logan told the Liberian leader.

En route to Tubmanburg, President Sirleaf stopped at Klay Junction and  expressed gratitude to several Liberians who are volunteering their services in the fight against the Ebola virus. She encouraged the volunteers to keep up the fight against the virus, which was a national endeavor that  needed everyone’s involvement.

The volunteers told the Liberian President that they felt compelled to volunteer their services, as there was no other way they could demonstrate their patriotism.

The volunteers are carrying out screening using thermometers to check travelers’ temperatures.


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