‘Make Sound Decisions, Do Not Be Afraid’

-Catholic Prelate cautions electorates


Father Alphonsus Mombo, the administrator of the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Monrovia, has cautioned Liberian electorates to make sound decisions free of fear as they go to the polls in October to elect new leaders of the Executive and Legislative branches of government.

Fr. Mombo, in his sermon during the Easter Mass held at the Sacred Heart Cathedral on Broad Street, Monrovia on Sunday, challenged Liberians to encourage their leaders to put the country first and move ahead as one people.

“Pretty soon we will be deciding on who leads us for the next six years; those who will be our representatives, our senators, our president and vice president, our brothers and sisters, will pretty soon be coming to tell us what we should do for them,” the Catholic prelate said.

He told the congregation that the contestants will be coming “to encourage us to join them and smear the character, reputation and the good names of other people.”

Therefore, he said “Let us all sit down and reflect, and not be carried away with the little joy given to you through money or rice. Think about yourself, your life, the lives of your brothers and sisters, your children’s children, and make a sound decision. Do not be afraid to say ‘yes, I will do the right thing so that our country will grow and develop again.’”

Fr. Mombo reminded Liberians that God is giving them a second chance, adding: “This second chance is our opportunity to make use of the second chance, whether we will continue with democracy, or continue fighting among ourselves. What we have may not be perfect, but we can make it perfect, because it is better to have a democracy that is not perfect, and we shall make it perfect, than to live in a state of agony, with tyranny, depression and oppression, and all the negative adjectives.”

He then admonished Liberians not to look back on the 14-year civil war, or call people by their tribes or names, or favor one group of people over another, promoting nepotism, social injustice and cliques in the government, in the churches, but to rather “look forward, because God has given us a second chance to better our lives as a church, as a people and a nation.”

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