Major Changes in Gov’t


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has made major changes in government affecting the ministries of Education, Health, LPRC, among others.

Those appointed are subject to confirmation where applicable.

The exercise, according to an ELBC exclusive late news yesterday, became necessary to bring more effectiveness into government.

Some of those appointed include Dr. Bernice Dahn, Minister of Health and Social Welfare (MOH/SW). Until her appointment, Dr. Dahn served as Chief Medical Officer (CMO).

Others appointed at the MOH/SW are Dr. Francis Nah Kateh, Deputy Minister and CMO, succeeding Dr. Dahn. Dr. Kateh previously served as Chief Medical Officer in-charge of the Jackson Fiah Doe (JFD) Memorial Hospital in Tappita, Lower Nimba County.

At the same time, President Sirleaf has named Mr. Tolbert Nyeswah, head of Ebola Incident Management Team, with the rank of Deputy Minister and Emergency Operations, MOH/SW.

Others: Lofa County former Senator, Prof. Sumo Kupee, Managing Director, LPRC replacing T. Nelson Williams; while George Werner has meanwhile replaced Education Madame Etmonia David Tarpeh, as Minister of Education. He too has remained as the director general at the Civil Service Agency (CSA) when he was rejected by the Senate following his designation last year as Minister of Health to replace Dr. Walter T. Gwenigale, who has retired.

President Sirleaf also named Dr. Puchu Leona Bernard as the new CSA Director-General, while former Cuttington University president, Dr. Henrique Tokpa becomes Chairman of the Board of Directors, National Port Authority (NPA).

Meanwhile, President Sireaf has dissolved the entire board of the Liberia Airport Authority to be reconstituted subsequently. 


Ministry of Health 

Dr. Bernice Dahn, Minister
Dr. Francis Kateh, Deputy Minister of Health/Chief Medical Officer
Mr. Edward B. Tolbert, Deputy Minister for Administration
Mr. Tolbert Nyenswah, Head of the Incident Management System and the 
(with the rank of Deputy Minister) Emergency Operation Center
Ministry of Education
Mr. George Werner, Minister 
Mr. Aagon Tingba, Deputy Minister, Administration
Dr. Romelle A. Horton, Deputy Minister, Instruction 
Mr. Gbovadeh Gbilia, Assistant Minister, Fiscal Affairs & Human Resource Development
Mr. Seklau Dukuly, Assistant Minister, Science, Technology, Vocational and Special Education 
Mrs. Felicia Doe-Sumah, Assistant Minister, Basic and Secondary Education 
Mr. Augustine Martin Kuleh, Asst. Minister, Student Personnel Services 
Mrs. Yukhiko D’Lovette Amnon, Assistant Minister, Early Childhood Education 
Mr. Advertus O. Wright, Assistant Minister, Teacher Education
Civil Service Agency
Dr. Puchu Leona Bernard, Director General
Mrs. Wanneh Clarke Reeves, Deputy Director General/ HR Mang. & Policy
Independent National Commission on Human Rights (INCHR)
Mr. Adolphus Wade, Commissioner
National Commission on Disabilities
Mrs. Ricardia Dennis, Executive Director
Rev. Fallah Boima, Deputy Director for Administration
Mr. Joshua Bull, Deputy Director for Technical Services
Internal Audit Agency
Mr. Clarence Williams, Deputy Director for Administration 
Liberia Petroleum Refining Company
Mr. Sumo Kupee, Managing Director
National Port Authority
Dr. Henrique Tokpah, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Ministry of Justice
Cllr. Emmanuel Tulay, Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs
Cllr. Harriette G. Badio, Deputy Minister for Codification
Attorney Frederick Gbemie , Assistant Minister for Administration
Attorney Kou Dorliae, Assistant Minister for Economic Affairs
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Mr. Stephen Neufville, Deputy Minister for Urban Affairs
Ministry of Public Works
Mr. Ousman Kamara, Assistant Minister for Administration 
Mr. William Slour, Assistant Minister for Operations
Mr. N. Pawon Baoyue, Assistant Minister for Planning and Programming
Mr. Sumoiwuo Zizi Harris, Assistant Minister for Rural Development
Ministry of Youth and Sports
Mr. Lance Gbagonyon, Assistant Minister for Youth Development (replacing Mr. Teeko Yorlay, who goes away for further training)
The President has also reconstituted the Monrovia Consolidated School System Board:
Mrs. Hester Williams Catakaw 
Cllr. Rosemarie James
Mrs. Christine Norman
Ms. Alveria Morris-Raynes
Mr. Charles S. N’Tow
Ms. Hawa Norris
Mr. Emmanuel O. Kparh
Mother Mary N. Brownell – Advisor
Additionally, she has constituted the National Education Advisory Board which comprise of:
Five Members of the County School Boards (to be provided by MoE)
Chairperson of the Monrovia Consolidated School System (to be provided by MCSS)
The President of the Principal Association of Liberia; (to be provided by MoE)
The President of the National Teachers Association of Liberia (MoE)
The President of the Parent Teacher Association of Liberia (MoE)
Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Russell (the President)
The Executive Secretary of the Association of Liberian Universities (MoE)
One Representative of the Federation of Labor Union (MoL)
The President of Liberian National Students Union (MoE)
One Representative from the Civil Service Association; (Civil Service)
One Representative from the Chamber of Commerce; (Chamber of Commerce)
One Representative from the Association of Private School Operators (MoE)
The National Head of the West Africa Examination Council (MoE)
One Representative from the Technical and Vocational Education Training Institute (MoE & MY&S)
Paynesville City Council
Mr. Abel Voker
Mr. Nowai Gorlorwulu
Mr. Massaquoi Kamara
Mr. James Davies
Ms. Alice Baysah
Mr. Formbah Trawally
Mrs. Lorpu Kandakai
Mrs. Zoe Baker
Ms. Cyvette Gibson

Finally, in order to ensure effectiveness in our effort to modernize the Liberia Airports, the entire Liberia Airport Authority Board is dissolved to be reconstituted in the shortest possible published online once it is released.


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