Major Auto Theft Ring Discovered

The WFP's stolen Toyota Land Cruiser, discovered at the garage of a building in Caldwell believed to be owned by Abraham Samkaly Kamara, a Guinean national.

… as WFP’s GPS tracker saves the day 

Authorities of the Liberia National Police (LNP) have arrested and are investigating a Guinean national, Abraham Samkaly Kamara, after a stolen World Food Program (WFP) vehicle was reportedly recovered in the garage of Kamara’s three storey building, situated in the Caldwell Community, outside of Monrovia.

According to the police investigation, the vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser, which was in the possession of Africa Motors on Capitol By-Pass, Monrovia, went missing on Monday, December 2, 2019 after Umaru Sannoh, a trainee who had been with the company for two weeks, was entrusted to conduct a test drive on the vehicle.

A police source says Kamara is believed to be the leader of a syndicate ‘notorious’ for stealing vehicles from car dealers and car owners.

Until his arrest on Wednesday, December 4, 2019, state security embarked on a hunt, following series of auto theft complaints that were reported to the police. Several cases of car theft have been established against the syndicate with some of the vehicles involved recovered by the police, after they were abandoned.

The WFP scenario happened after mechanics of the Africa Motors had completed the servicing of the WPF‘s vehicle, which was taken there.

The three storey building in Caldwell, where the stolen WFP vehicle was discovered

Shortly afterward, the management of Africa Motors reported the incident to the WFP and immediately the WFP staff activated a global positioning system (GPS) tracking device they had installed on it.

They used the GPS to track the location of the vehicle until it came to a stop and remained in the storey building believed to be owned by suspect Kamara, where it stayed for a lengthy period of time.

Immediately, officers of the LNP, as well as staffs of the WFP and Africa Motors arrived at the scene and observed that the car was parked in the garage of Kamara building, where they managed to arrest him. at which point the vehicle was seized and taken into complete custody.

The vehicle, as it was discovered, was already being scrapped. The carriage rack on the top and license plates had been removed. Also, the thieves had begun to scrape off the WFP imprint from the sides of the vehicle.

So far, the Africa Motors trainee, Umaru Sannoh, remains at large.

Investigation continues.



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