Mai Urey Held in Contempt Again

Mrs. Mai Urey, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of Wulki Farms and the U-Foundation, and wife of ALP Standard Bearer Benoni W. Urey

The Traffic Court at the Temple of Justice on Friday, August 3, held Mrs. Mai Urey in contempt, this time for her failure to pay a balance of US$1,706 intended to repair a White Lexus jeep valued at US$18,000 that belongs to one Success Tewobola, a businessman, and was damaged in an accident by Mrs. Urey’s driver Joseph Kandufamah since October 2017.

Friday’s contempt charge brings to two the number of contempt charges against Mrs. Urey for disobeying the court’s order by not appearing before it to look into a complaint filed by Tewobola against her.

Tewobola’s complaint resulted from Madam Urey’s refusal to comply with her agreement that she  signed in Judge Jomah Jallah’s chamber agreeing to pay the amount of US$2,750 to repair the jeep that her  driver damaged in an accident since October 2017.

Police investigative report indicated that the accident occurred on October 9, 2017, along the Tubman Boulevard, opposite the ERA Supermarket in Sinkor area.

It was after several interventions by Judge Jallah that Mrs. Urey accepted her driver’s wrongdoing and subsequently made a promissory note to pay for the repair work on Tewobola’s jeep.

To ensure an amicable resolution to the matter with Tewobola that had lasted for nearly nine months, Mrs. Urey, through her representative Attorney Jackie Bruce, on July 4 of this year, made the first payment of L$150,000 the equivalent of US$944, leaving the balance of US$1,706, which was to be settled by July 18.

But up to and including last Friday, Mrs. Urey had yet to live up to her commitment that resulted to Tewobola’s filing her complaint before the court scheduling the matter for Friday, which she again did not attend.

Justifiably outraged, Judge Jallah moved to hold Mrs. Urey in contempt for failing to comply with the court’s order about her appearance on Friday.

The Court instead immediately ordered her to again appear on Tuesday, August 7, to answer to her contempt charge.

In his complaint, Tewobola said since July 4 of this year, when Mrs. Urey made her first payment of the US$944 for the repair of his damaged vehicle, she has neglected and refused to comply with the agreement before the court that she would pay the balance two weeks later, July 18.

The first payment of US$944 was presented on Mrs. Urey’s behalf at Judge Jallah’s chamber by Atty. Bruce.


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