Magistrate Refuses to Sign ‘Sex Video’ Man’s US$50K Bond


Magistrate Kennedy Peabody of the Monrovia City Court yesterday refused to sign a US$50,000 bond filed to have defendant Mohammed Sambola, accused of recording and exposing a sex video of a female (name withheld), released from detention at the Monrovia Central Prison.

The charges, which include disseminating obscene material and terrorist threat, brought against Sambola qualifies him for a bail of US$5,000; however, the International Insurance Company that is the surety for the defendant’s release and subsequent daily appearance at the court increased the bond to US$50,000, which Magistrate Peabody was uncomfortable to sign yesterday.

Despite persistent engagements by defense lawyers, Peabody showed no interest to affix his signature to the document.

It still remains unclear what Peabody’s motive was yesterday for not approving the bond to release Sambola, who was jailed on Thursday, September 28, for his failure to secure the very bond to have him freed.

The dramatic situation happened after Peabody scheduled the hearing of the matter at 4 p.m., but surprisingly, when the lawyer and the defendant’s family appeared, the magistrate was nowhere to be seen in the courtyard, even up to 5 p.m.

The incident that landed Sambola in jail occurred on June 26 of this year when he allegedly escaped from prosecution and was sought for recording and releasing the sex video, the prosecution said.

According to prosecution, the video only showed Sambola allegedly encouraging his female partner (face up) to do the recording, while he was in the midst of the ‘act.’

The sex tape was posted on a social media chat room administrated by some members of the ruling Unity Party (UP), the court document alleged.

It also said that Sambola’s action violates Section 13.7 of the Penal Law of the country.

The record alleges that the video recording showed the lady performing fellatio (oral sex) on defendant Sambola, with said material appearing on the Facebook social media platform.

The document also claimed that Sambola’s action put his female friend at the risk of exposure, which infringed on her privacy, as the defendant threatened to harm her.


  1. What happened to the 13-year-old child that was molested and impregnated by that pedophile Legislator? Why isn’t’ he in jail? Who allowed him to post bail and walk around town? Where are the little girl and her baby?


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