Magisterial Court to Try Several AFL Soldiers


    The Brewerville Magisterial Court has ordered the Ministry of Defense to disrobe and turn over several officers of the Armed Force of Liberia (AFL) for prosecution.

    The court said it has already issued a Writ of Arrest against the soldiers.

    The AFL officers were charged by the court with the commission of multiple crimes including criminal mischief and theft of property.

    According to the court, the officers, acting on the orders of one Major Kelulee Gwasa, entered the property of Attorney Swahaili Sessay and took away valuable properties.

    The soldiers, the court alleged, destroyed other valuable properties including corner stones.

    In a communication addressed to Defense Minister Brownie J. Samukai dated October 29, the court wrote, “You are hereby ordered to disrobe the living bodies of Major Kelulee Gwasa and all officers assigned with him to report to the court to face justice as required by law.”

    The document noted that “A writ of arrest had been issued against them for the crimes of criminal mischief and theft of property for allegedly going to the plaintiff’s parcel of land to damage tangible property such as corner stone and also taking away other properties without the consent of the land owner.”


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