MAF Urges Lawmakers to Focus on Ebola Fight


The Media Aid Foundation (MAF), a non-governmental organization, has called on members of the 53th National Legislature to focus on the fight of Ebola, rather calling on the removal of the Speaker and President Pro-Tempore.

MAF  is a Liberian media NGO involved with development, sustained journalism training; strengthening democracy through advocacy, research, consultancy and providing aid to the media.

According to a statement signed by Richard F. Manuba, program officer of MAF, the organization believes that the removal of any elected political leaders,  including the Speaker, President Pro-Tempore, and even the President of the Republic of Liberia, is not a sound decision for a country like Liberia, whose  history is replete with rebellion and chaos.

It may be re-called that members of the 53th National Legislature were expected to obtain a majority vote to unseat Speaker, J. Alex Tyler, following the receipt of a  report launched by LACC on an allegation linking him to a US$ 25,000 scandal.  For his part, the President Pro-Tempore, Gbehzohngar M. Findley, had  being accused of reducing the sitting of the Senate into a cheering squad.

“We are urging legislators, particularly those leading the purported coup plot against the leaderships of both houses, to redirect their energies by paying more attention to the fight against the deadly Ebola virus in our country,” MAF added.

MAF noted that similar failed attempts were reportedly made by some lawmakers in recent years, which had repeatedly dampened the integrity and  morale of the bi-cameral Liberian Legislature.

MAF is further urging members of the National Legislature who have disagreements with their leaderships to discuss and amicably resolve their concerns in keeping with the Constitution and the Rules of both houses.

The organization fears that if leadership bickering arising amongst the legislators is not addressed in-house, the in-fighting could heavily undermine the efforts of national government and international partners in the war against Ebola.

The Media development group indicated that it would be a complete national disservice for any member of both houses of the legislature to begin another political wrangling amongst themselves over a renewed plan to remove Speaker J. Alex Tyler and Pro-tempore Gbezohngar Findley.


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