MacDella Cooper of LRP Endorses CDC’s George Weah


Liberia Restoration Party (LRP) standard bearer, MacDella Cooper, is throwing her weight behind her CDC counterpart and long-time associate, George M. Weah, for the up-coming November 7 run-off election. LRP is one of two political parties that endorsed Weah’s presidential bid yesterday, the earlier endorsement by the fellow opposition party, Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), of Dr. Joseph Mills Jones.

At yesterday’s ceremony, the LRP stander bearer said Liberia is in a new era that needs total change for the improvement of the lives of the younger ones.

Cooper said she saw her visions also embedded in the platform of the CDC, and as such,  she deems it necessary to join the drive for change by giving her support to party in the run-off election scheduled for November 7. She added that the young people have seen the real change and development in the leadership of Senator George M. Weah [as] President of Liberia, which is why they gave him their support.

Madam Cooper called on women who supported her at the October 10 polls to join the CDC for the betterment of the country, because it is a new day for Liberia, and they they must respect the decision of the youth.

“I am going to see to it that every member of the of the LRP vote the CDC during the November 7 run-off election,” she said.

She said her contributions to the CDC will bring victory to the party, noting that if Sen. Weah is elected President, he will protect health, education and women’s empowerment and the rights of the Liberian children.

McDella Cooper (right) seated next to CDC national chairman, Nathaniel McGill, and Dr. Toga McIntosh (far left) at during her endorsement at the CDC headquarters

Madam Cooper said a CDC government will empower and build a new Liberia, such that families will be respected and well taken care of, because the government will have able men and women that would protect the interest of all.

In response to the endorsement, CDC chairman Nathaniel McGill thanked Madam Cooper for taking what he called the “right path,” adding that after 12 years of difficulties, Liberians have resolved to say no to the UP-led government.

Mr. McGill said if Liberians elect Sen. Weah President, the country will get the freedom that they have suffered for over the past 12 years. He used the occasion to announce that on Saturday, November 4, the CDC will have its final victory march.


  1. Ha ha ha. Even McGill is laughing at this woman. You are Weah’s baby ma. You will support Boakai? Of course not. Just get pregnant for Weah again and sit down somewhere ma.

  2. Mr. Henry Siplay, What are you talking and laughing. You sound very HYPOCRATE! where were you all pundits when PYJ was campaigning for UP in 2011. What do expect her to do? After all, politics is interest. If you were her, what would you do? I can see Liberia sliding back to 1985 election, which led to the 1990 catastrophe. BE WERE Mr. KABENA Janneh. Your decision today will take Liberia forward or make Liberia go back to 1985. Certain group of people think if it is not them, than no one can be the one.


  4. McDella Cooper’s endorsement of Weah was in the cards! If anyone had thought she would not endorse Weah, that person must be considered a dreamer.
    I will wager this:
    In a Weah government, Cooper will be guaranteed an influential job like, say Minister of Gender.

  5. Gentlemen Bah,
    It’s a foregone conclusion from my analysis of you that Weah is the man you wish to see as Liberia’s next president. That’s okay with me. I will break no bones! If Weah wins, he wins!

    But, General Bah, my nagging question that you have been avoiding is back to you….
    What are some of Weah’s legislative achievements?
    C’on young guy. Don’t be ashamed or afraid of anyone. Just do the readers a favor. List three of Weah’s legislative achievements.



    • 1). He has a office in the Capitol Building after being elected Senator of Montserrado County.
      2). He sits in chambers when the body meets to discussion issues and he cast votes for anything.
      3). He’s getting a hefty pay for doing nothing and that should be able to sustain him since he mismanaged
      his wealth living a lavish lifestyle he can no longer sustain without the senate job.
      I’ll add the fourth one as a dash.
      4). Weah has even traveled as member of Liberia Parliamentary delegation to ECOWAS where he collects
      per-diem, but couldn’t sit the deliberations.

      I hope that help you make a good decision to vote Weah as the best candidate.

  6. Suppose, in addition to their parental relationship, she felt that in a postwar country divided on class and ethnic lines, thus fuelling dangerous identity politics, a Country – Congua presidential ticket provides the best chance of bridging the Divide. Becasuse anyone who thinks that there would be genuine “reconciliation” without some semblance of “balance of power” between the Old Congua Order and a New Country Order needs to see a psychiatrist.

    This isn’t to suggest that victory for the Manneh – Jewel Country – Congua ticket should be considered a foregone conclusion, but, undoubtedly, it got more headwinds after the endorsements of Senator Prince Johnson, Dr Mill Jones and Ms Cooper.

    Not to mention that the 2005 appeal of the Sirleaf – Boakai ticket was the energized mixed Congua and Country support, a diversity which the major appointments reflected. That there was nepotism can’t be denied, but the choice of personnel at the higher echelons was fair. No wonder when Nobel laureate Gbowee lambasted EJS for preferring Conguas, she was promptly corrected by the former straight – talking former GAC boss Mr. John Morlu 11, Jr.

    Lastly, until our people realize that elections are a means to an end, and that the end, following the constitution to the letter for the wellbeing and safety of citizens, and all within our borders, is more important, they would be spoonfed hate by those who thrive on divisiveness. Peaceful coexistence between former rivals isn’t a given, it takes hard work and compromises; for heaven’s sake, let’s build Liberia together.

  7. The Almighty God will send down holy ghost fire to burn down every secret plan of the enemies of Liberia. We don’t want any more immoral big shot in high office. God has already stepped foot, can’t you all notice?

  8. Mr. Bamakpa, and Mr. F. HNEY….Look gentlement I don’t know Weah personally. I left Liberia since 1999. My father was a business man. But I want peace in Liberia. I m not advocating for conflict. Listen…..we , the Liberian people, have told this man (Weah), if you want to be president, go through the ballot box. If the LIBERIAN PEOPLE WANT YOU, they will vote for you. I m asking you 3 questions
    1) Should Mr. Weah be stop from contesting?

    2) What happened if Mr. Weah Contest, and win, should he not be declared a winner?

    3) What happened to Mr. Weah voting block ( supporters), if they realized their votes we taken or stolen.
    You are not seeing my point. We (Liberian), have had similar situation in the past, we all saw where it led us to. We the Liberian people created a status quo, in our society that makes a person with the qualification like Weah to think of running for state power. So now, if he run and wins, shouldn’t he be given the prize.

    In my last post I mentioned that, if it is possible, the constitution of Liberia and NEC should introduce a clause or provision that will makes it difficult for a man of such qualification to run for state power. I m not a Weah supporter, but if we can allow him to run, we should also allow him to rule, if he wins.

  9. This woman has no shame. She had babies by two married men. The first one because she knew he was rich but his wife refused to divorce him. The second man she broke up his home. Times are hard and fine woman getting old. She endorse Weah with her 700 votes. But Weah married now although that has not stopped her. Just google her name and put serial husband stealer and the ny post will tell you everything you need to know. I swear everybody now want a piece of Liberia.

  10. Thanks general S. Gonganue of Gompa City, Nimba county for your time. If the four responses you have listed above are good enough to vote Weah in as a president, than I have nothing to worry about. The only thing that I have say is this: Liberia needs a Devine intervention.

    Hon. Bah……
    Weah should not be stopped forcibly, neither should he be stopped undemoncratically. Sure, Weah should be allowed to participate. He is a Liberian!
    These are tough times for Liberia and all peace-loving Liberians.

  11. Saye Ganganue of Gompa city,
    Tell us the truth and nothing but the truth. Do you think that Mr. Weah should be elected as president of Liberia based on the issues you have raised?

    Said you, “Weah went to an ECOWAS conference and collected per diem”.

    “Weah has an office in the Capitol Building”.

    “Weah sat in the Upper House’s chambers and received a big fat check”.

    But if you say the above points are legislative achievements, Liberia is certainly in trouble. I mean serious trouble.

    Ganganue, in recent days, you’ve seen West African diplomacy at best. First, the Ghanaian Foreign Minister entered the fray. Mr. Atta went to Liberia to mediate between EJS and Boakai. As you know mighty well, the Guinean president has paid a visit as well.
    What’s going on?
    Do the foreign dignitaries like Weah? All of a sudden, the scheduled runoff of 11/7 is off the calendar.

    My fear:
    I hope there will be no violence that leads to civil unrest.


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