MacDella Cooper Elected Unchallenged

-Tells partisans, ‘We have a war to win…’


Macdella Cooper who was elected on a white ballot by partisans of the Union of Liberian Democrats (ULD) as its standard bearer, at the party’s national convention on Saturday, April 22 in Monrovia, has reminded them: “We have a war to win.”

Delegates at the convention came from all 15 counties of Liberia, the party said.

Elected along with several other candidates, Cooper told her partisans, “Our party is going to be a winning party. We have a battle to fight and we are going to win.”

She said reconciling the nation will be her primary objective after winning the presidential and legislative elections in October.

The ULD standard bearer decried tribal politics and said her administration would celebrate all tribes because “Liberia belongs to all Liberians,” and promised to build a Liberia in which every child would have the right to free education.

She envisions a Liberia where every Liberian will have access to medical care and spoke about the passionate need for electricity for the country “that would draw neighbors to come and invest.”

Cooper said as President of Liberia, she will push toward more reliable and affordable connectivity and energy services for the country and will also expand access to electricity to remote areas that are not likely to be connected to the national grid in the foreseeable future. She added that she would promote a nationwide use of renewable sources of energy away from more expensive imported fuel.

She said optimism that ULD will produce the next President of Liberia is one of the strongest reasons that led her to join the party.

Earlier, Mr. Solomon Kahn, who was also elected national chairman of the party unopposed, said ULD is prepared to redeem Liberia from all her troubles and reminded partisans that “it is time to work.” He stated that Liberia must be given to the Liberian people, though he did say if the country is now in the hands of non-Liberians.

Kahn recounted the story of David and Goliath in the Holy Bible; and with direct reference to his party, said the ULD is David and should not be overlooked.

The Union of Liberian Democrats was organized in 2005 with Mr. Robert Kpoto as its standard bearer; a role that was assumed by Jonathan Mason in 2011.

It may be recalled that ULD candidate Francis Sackila Nyumalin won the recent by-election in Lofa County District #1, a victory candidates at the convention point to as a possibility that the party will win the October 10 elections.

However, Rep. Nyumalin has recently made pronouncements supporting the candidacy of Vice President Joseph Boakai, which the ULD has condemned, describing his action as a stab in the back to the party. Rep. Nyumalin’s office has meanwhile denied the accusation.


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