Lydia Tuweh Appeals for Medical Help Abroad


Fourteen year-old Lydia Tuweh desires to be like every other kid whose goals are to actively be engaged into educational and social programs but her skin disease wouldn’t allow her.

According to Lydia’s mother, Martha Moore, her daughter was born with a knot growth above her rectum. “From her baby time, the sickness has been on her. We were in a refugee camp when I gave birth to Lydia. I carried her home and, while changing her clothes, that was how I saw the knot and called her pa, who immediately sent for the two midwives.”

Out of curiosity, Martha said she asked the midwives, “how come there is a knot got on the girl and you were the ones who bathed her?” The midwives told her they didn’t see anything on the child.

Martha said her sister, who was with her when she gave birth, also did not see the knot on the child. “My sister was there when I delivered.”

Martha told the Daily Observer that they have been to several hospitals around Monrovia, including the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Medical Center. “We went JFK but nothing was done. In 2010, we took her on the Mercy Ship and they only told us that they cannot work on her here because there is no doctor here for that kind of sickness.”

According to Lydia’s mother, there has been no accurate medical diagnostic as to what is the actual cause of the disease. “The knot has grown from its normal stage and now looks like a tail. The sore on her gluteal region is getting bigger”, Martha said.

Lydia has been seeking medication from a licensed health practitioner, Hawa Coleman, who works at a nearby government clinic, Jenneh #3 Clinic in Dewein District, Bomi County.

“Sometimes, when she gets sick, she faints and we take her to the hospital. But the sickness can’t cure and we keep going around”, Martha lamented.

Little Lydia also has a hole under her left heel. Her mother said the sore has been there for the past eight years.

Little Lydia’s condition continues to worsen by the day and she now carries a hole under her left heel. Her mother said the sore has been there for the past eight years and it gets swollen every now and then.

For Lydia, her condition didn’t serve as a barrier to pursuing her education. Though she has had some setbacks, but she is completing this academic semester and will be promoted to the 6th grade.

When asked how Lydia gets to school considering the degree of her condition, her mother said in an aching voice, “We carry her on our backs to get her to school.”

Lydia lives with her Mother Martha Moore and Father Jimmy Tuweh in Kleen Town (behind Po River), Bomi County. She attends the Benson World Elementary School and will be promoted to the 6th grade at the end of this academic semester.

Madam Moore is calling on humanitarians to her daughter’s aid. She can be reached on 0778379558 or 0779160420.

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  1. She/Parents should visit any of the international medical staffs that are always visiting the country. It is such staffs that could do the work or speak for her in the USA,
    God bless her.

    • I will forward this link to some medical Institutions (St Juke, Atlanta, Taxes, PA, etc.). We pray they will pay attention.


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