LWSC Signs Mobile Money Service with 2 GSM Companies


The management of the Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation (LWSC) has signed an agreement with two of Liberia’s GSM companies operating mobile money services in the country.

The two GSMs are Lonestar and Orange Liberia. Mobile Money is a term that refers to mobile financial services, mobile payment, mobile banking, mobile money transfer and mobile wallet – all of which are payment services operated under financial regulation and performed from or via a mobile device.

LWSC Managing Director N-Hun Bu Tulay said the Corporation has been suffering losses due to difficulties customers have in going to the banks, especially for customers who have to pay minimum amounts.

Mr. Tulay said the MTN and Orange mobile money partnerships are for appropriate and safe delivery of the government’s finances and noted that the agreement took effect as of Friday, October 6, the day it was officially signed. LWSC customers are therefore encouraged to use the mobile money services for their transactions.

He urged customers to take advantage of the technology available to pay their bills. “You do not have to go to the bank to make your payment,” the LWSC Managing Director said while calling on customers to pay from anywhere using mobile money as the Corporation strives to be customer friendly.

The LWSC has furthermore informed the public that its water treatment plant will be upgraded this week and an additional two water plants in the Soul Clinic and New Georgia Communities will be rehabilitated thereby easing the burden of LWSC customers’ dependence on White Planes.

He also promised proper sanitary environment in places where LWSC facilities are located as well as providing basic services for citizens and residents as the installation of the equipment in three areas of their facilities have been restored.

Responding on behalf of the Orange Communications, formerly Cellcom GSM, William Saamoi, Jr. thanked the management of LWSC, and termed the agreement as a unique opportunity to expand the company’s services across the country. He said the agreement seeks to provide financial inclusion for every side and that the mobile money services have now made cell phones a bank.

MTN Sales and Corporate Manager – Mobile Money at Lonestar MTN, Ida McGill hoped that the partnership will enable them to work along with the government to seek the welfare of all Liberians.

Traditionally in Liberia, money has been transferred in a risky unregulated way. This process once in full swing allows users to make frequent transfers without having to personally access a bank; and the LWSC will begin to increase its intake of government revenue.


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