LWSC Sets Record Straight on Senatorial Hopeful’s Statement


Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) management says its attention has been drawn to “a clueless statement” former Montserrado Representative Josephine Francis made recently about situations at the Corporation. Madam Francis is the Unity Party’s Montserrado County Senatorial Candidate.

According to the LWSC release, recently, Madam Francis, in an attempt to seal her senatorial bid for the vacancy created in Montserrado County,  accused LWSC management of doing very little to supply pipe borne water to central Monrovia, in spite of funding being provided by the African Development Bank (AfDB).

Madam Francis told a radio station in Monrovia that as part of her developmental programs for the county, she intends to ensure that pipe borne water is supplied to central Monrovia and beyond.

But in reaction to Madam Francis’ statement, the LWSC said it considers her remark as “political deceit considering that her UP government failed to supply central Monrovia and parts adjacent  with pipe borne for 12 years, and it is not the responsibility of senators to supply water.”

The LWSC clarified that frantic efforts are being applied and mechanisms put into place for an uninterrupted water supply to central Monrovia and adjacent communities contrary to “Madam Francis’ uninformed assertion.”

The Corporation said as part of its modalities intended to ensure pipe borne water supply to central Monrovia and other communities, the LWSC, with funding from AfDB, has constructed a water booster station at the Airfield Fish Market responsible to increase water pressure for supply to the city center.

“Contrary to Madam Francis’ clueless statement, the LWSC, under its current team and within the space of 60 days, is currently carrying out series of testing on its booster station for the supply of water to central Monrovia,” LWSC’s statement said.

The LWSC said it has also carried out major rehabilitation works on its Newport Street and Ducor booster stations, two significant infrastructure or facilities for central Monrovia’s water supply and distribution.

“The management has repaired and changed all damaged pipes, to ensure our people begin to receive pipe borne water shortly under this pro-poor government that is keen on lifting Liberians,” the release said.

The Corporation assured the general public it will stop at nothing but to ensure pipe borne water reaches Monrovia, “because such is key to President George Weah’s agenda.”

The LWSC has also called on Madam Francis not to politicize water as it is not a political commodity, but an essential social service deliverable intended to promote healthiness among the people.

“Water is life, it is not a political commodity, and we do not expect Madam Francis or any other politician to politicize it,” said LWSC.

“No one politician is obligated and is able to get water to central Monrovia; moreover, it is the responsibility of government and this government is responsible to ensure this,” the statement said.

The LWSC has also clarified that it is the only statutory body in Liberia responsible to supply pipe borne water and no individual can do so.

The LWSC management has meanwhile called on Madam Francis and others to seek information about its operations before going to the media.


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