LWSC Responds Media Report


The management of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) says its attention has been drawn to two successive publications of the FrontPage Africa newspaper ( Vol:12;NOs:152 and 153 –Wednesday and Thursday) in which the paper claimed its deputy managing director for Administration Moseray Momoh was allegedly involved in a rape incident with an unidentified adult.

The management, in a release, said it believes the purported link of the corporation to a perceived individual’s action, constructive or destructive, and proven or unproven outside of that individual’s official duties and functions is a disservice to the corporation.

The LWSC said it would at this point categorically distance itself from what the newspaper believes was an act of rape said to have been carried out by its deputy managing director for Administration, and requests the management of the paper to treat the corporation fairly in its reportage moving forward.

“To the contrary, the corporation’s core objectives are to supply purified water to the Liberian people, develop and control sewer systems,” the release said.

LWSC however said it encourages the victim, if there be any, to utilize the rule of law in seeking justice as the corporation will shield none of its employees that is proven in a court of law to be guilty of rape. “LWSC wants to remind the paper that Mr. Momoh, like any other employee or public official, has a private life, and anything that is done privately by any of its employees regardless of their position should not be attributed or credited to the corporation.

“LWSC management wants to inform the FrontPage Africa newspaper that every employee, including its deputy managing director Momoh, has a right to legal representation and his choice to sue is a personal decision of every employee, who sees it befitting when the need arises,” the release said.


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