LWSC, Lonestar Cell MTN Partner for Bill Payment Via Mobile Money

Officials of LWSC and Lonestar Cell MTN at the official launch of the utility bill payment system via Mobile Money

Authorities of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) have announced that public water bills can now be paid via the Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money platform, which will reduce the burden faced by costumers who cover long distances just to pay their water bills.

The platform, launched in collaboration with Lonestar Cell MTN on Wednesday, August 22, 2018, will enable the public that is using LWSC to pay their water bills from anywhere and at any time, using the mobile money platform.

LWSC Managing Director Duannah A. Kamara said the launch of the mobile money platform is the beginning of a change in the CDC-led government’s promise to the public, adding that if  the services can be taken to the people, the  government will be able to raise revenue.

Kamara said every user of the LWSC will have an 8-digit number that will be printed on their newly distributed bills by the institution. He said this will help the public have easy access to payment through the system.

He said the new partnership between LWSC and Lonestar Cell MTN mobile money will help transform the system, positively reducing tension from citizens that have to cover long distances to pay bills.

Kamara said supplying water to  all parts of Monrovia is the major priorities of the corporation, noting: “This new management will make sure we change the image of the LWSC. I do not want to be a manager who takes over LWSC and leaves it the same way; this is a challenge to me and my team to do more.”

He encouraged the public to do their water connection directly with LWSC, which is cheaper than paying for robberies to illegally connect to the utility service, something he said will cause future embarrassment.

Kamara noted that under his administration, LWSC will have those institutions using bolehole water for commercial purposes pay bills to government.

LWSC Management Consultant, Mr. George Lassana, said they have realized that consumers around the entire city have been experiencing many challenges in paying their bills, something he said has caused serious problems for government to raise adequate revenue.

Lassana said the establishment of the partnership between the two institutions is to make efficient and effective consumers’ payment services to reduce time and enhance consumer’s accountability.

Atty. Massa M. Dennis, head of Mobile Financial Services-MTN, urged LWSC consumers to take advantage of the program to make life easier.

She said with the introduction of mobile money across the country, people can now access salaries, send money to their loved ones, pay bills and tuition from every part of the country and without tension.


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