Luyken Guest House Admin Charged with US$2K Theft


Police in Monrovia have charged and forwarded to court for prosecution a man identified as Mr. Bismarck Appleton accused of diverting two checks worth US$2,575 meant for Luyken Guest House into his United Bank of Africa (UBA) account.

Defendant Appleton who is the Administrator of the Guest House, on Tuesday, February 3, appeared before the Monrovia City Court, at the Temple of Justice.

The Guest House is situated in oldest Congo Town, Monrovia and owned by one Madam Marie Luyken.

The charge that brought him under the jurisdiction of the court includes; theft of property, forgery and criminal conspiracy.

It is not clear whether he was sent to the Monrovia City Prison to await court trial, because the crimes are bailable under the revised Penal Law of Liberia.

Appleton was said to have used the Article of Incorporation of Luyken Guest House to open an account at United Bank for Africa (UBA) under the name “Luyken Guest House.”

He also used the UBA account and deposited the two checks totaling US$2,575 issued by Cellcom, one of the leading GSM providers in the Country.

The checks were payment made to Destiny, another company owned by Madam Luyken    for supply of water to Cellcom in December 2013.

He opened that account without the consent of Madam Luyken.

Defendant Appleton also replaced Madam Luyken’s name from the document with his as an 85% shareholder in Luyken.

He also placed the name of his fiancée, one Rovena David, as 15%shareholder in that entity.

The crime, according to police, was discovered by Madam Luyken.

Luyken in her complaint said one of her companies (Destiny) usually provides water to Cellcom and expected payment monthly.

She further alleged that in January 2014, she remembered that Destiny had not collected its check as payment from Cellcom for the month of December 2013.

In an attempt to collect the checks Madam Luyken said Cellcom informed Destiny through its managing director, Saide Chaar, that defendant Appleton had already signed and received an International Bank (IB) checks marked 0307127 with a face value of US$2,575 for the month of December 2013.

She claimed that was when they decided to conduct an investigation into the matter.

She said her investigation showed that defendant Appleton did not deposit the checks into Luyken’s account at another Bank, Ecobank.     

She said, when Appleton was asked about receiving the checks from Cellcom he (Appleton) wrote a check for US$2,175 from his UBA’s Luyken Guest House account, which prompted her suspicion that the defendant was running a scam against her institution.

According to police, during their interrogation with defendant Appleton, it was established that he and his fiancée, who is on the run, were charged with theft of property, forgery and criminal conspiracy in violation of chapter 15, sections 15.51, 15.70 and 10.4 of the revised penal law of Liberia.       


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