LTA Threatens Radio, Television Stations


The Department of Licensing and Regulations of the Liberia Telecommunications Authority, (LTA) has threatened all radio and television stations with the revocation of their licenses for failing to comply with registration processes.

Speaking at the regular press briefing of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism on Thursday 24, the Commissioner for License and Regulations, Anthony B. McCritty, Sr, said that this recent decision is the result of entities not settling their obligations to the LTA.

According to the Commissioner, in November last year, the LTA embarked on a strategic campaign to inform small-service providers, which include: radios, televisions and VSAT operators, to update and regularize their licenses; they were given a 30-day grace period.

“This process includes getting the necessary permits for TV and radio-service providers, from the Ministry of Information: the clearing house for programming content.”

According to the Commissioner, the LTA will invite all delinquent parties to the office of the LTA to give them an opportunity to show why the LTA should not revoke their licenses. It will function across the board for everyone who operates in violation of LTA’s rules and regulations.

The Commissioner explained that the nation’s frequency is a scare, limited, resource and because it is both scarce and limited, the LTA will steward the assignment of frequencies to those who are willing to stay current in their payment to the government of Liberia.

“In November 2013, we give them a 30-day notice to conform; it has been four months now and some providers still have not contacted us.  This is a warning that the LTA is moving ahead to revoke the licenses of those entities that are not in conformity with us.”

Commissioner McCritty said that there are some radio and television stations operating in the country without any reference to the rules and regulations of the LTA.

He used the occasion to call on the general public to make use of the LTA office when wanting to operate radio and television stations. He advised them to desist from operating illegally, as LTA will protect itself from violators who circumvent our laws.

“If you would like to run a television of a radio station in Liberia, you have the opportunity to come to us and start the process, the LTA is here to serve the needs of the people.”

He explained that there are three groups and despite the classification of the stations, the duration of each license is not more than 12 months. The licenses are to be renewed each year according to the time specified on each LTA-issued license.


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