LRRRC, UNHCR Survey 310 Acres of Land for Ivorian Refugees’ Integration

Mr. Logan (with shovel) makes remark at the groundbreaking ceremony.

The Liberia Refugee Repatriation and Resettlement Commission (LRRRC), in collaboration with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), on August 15, 2018, began the survey of over 300 acres of land for refugees seeking local integration at the Bahn refugee camp in Nimba County.

The refugees, who are mainly from Ivory Coast, were hosted in the camp as a result of the Ivorian electoral-related violence in 2010 that forced over 225,000 Ivorians to seek refuge Liberia, according to statistics released from LRRRC.

LRRRC, with support from UNHCR, as part of the durable solution program, is expected to construct 100 housing units for refugees who are opting for local integration, while some community residents within the refugee camp are to benefit from the housing program as well.

The recent commencement of the survey was witnessed by Nimba County local authorities, LRRRC’s partners, and the refugee leadership.

While digging the earth to plant the first cornerstone, LRRRC Executive Director Festus Logan hailed Bahn residents for assisting the refugees over the years.

Logan added that President George Weah cares about the well-being of not only Liberians but all other foreign nationals.

He said in addition to the proposed housing project, LRRRC will add the agriculture component so as to allow refugees, who want to take Liberian citizenship, put food on their tables.

“To the refugees who will soon become citizens of Liberia, we pray for mutual co-existence between you and the host community. Local integration means you have denounced the citizenship of Ivory Coast to become Liberians; therefore, live with people of Bahn in peace,” Mr. Logan said.

He informed Bahn residents to continue the good work they did by caring for the refugees over the years.

Bahn Acting City Mayor Africano Jackson Quemine expressed gratitude to LRRRC and partners for accepting the quest of some of the Ivorian to become citizens in Liberia.

Quemine described the occasion as a bedrock to develop Bahn City and its environs.

He urged locals to embrace the development that is about to take place in the city and accept the need, as always, for the Ivorians who are expected to gain Liberian citizenship and subsequent integration free from any conflict.


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