LRDN Eyes Journal for Research Skills

LRDN is a research and development institution dedicated to advancing, applying and facilitating high standards of social and natural science research

— Target Liberians youth

The Liberia Research and Development Networks (LRDN) says it will launch a youth journal in the coming months.

LRDN is a research and development institution dedicated to advancing, applying, and facilitating high standards of social and natural science research.

The Journal, according to LRDN, will focus on Youths aspiring to share their perspectives on issues affecting them as well as selected topics on broad areas of corruption, accountability, youth development, and education among others.  

Its intent is to develop and strengthen the research capacity of Liberian students in the wake of a noticeable feeble research practice among students at various institutions of higher learning (both undergraduate and graduate).

“Research information and scientific knowledge make crucial contributions to meeting the challenges faced by many developing countries, ” added LRDN Director for Communication and Publication P. Samuel Goweh. ” As a result, students who endeavor in the field have little or no means of publication; therefore, the institution is encouraging collaborations from universities and other institutions of learning and research.”

“Investment in research can drive economic growth, increase human capital, lead to the development of pro-poor products and technologies, and provide evidence to inform policymakers and lead to international best practice,” Mr. Goweh said.

The first edition of the youth journal this year emerges from the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) under the general topic: Inclusive and Equitable Education for all; Liberia Under the Spotlight.

The institution is, meanwhile, seeking corporate sponsorships and thanked LAP Sportswear, Lelai Enterprises, Expert Venture, Toya Pawn Shop, and Patience Barway Group of Companies for their initial contributions towards the initiative.


  1. I got interested in the headline of this article and decided to read through to the end, but the last paragraph give me a nausea; I nearly vomited when I read the organization is seeking sponsorships from the corporate bodies listed.
    Which of the CDC don is again crafting plans to steal some money from private companies? Always thinking how they can steal with total impunity!
    In the USA, when given a donation for something specific and the money is not used on that thing, you reimburse, or a lawsuit is filed against you.

    A serious national research and development project on the dissemination of vital and credible information to the public must first and foremost be sponsored by the GOL. Other partners chip in when interested in findings in specific field/s. Private companies get involved when such information cannot be obtained by its workforce and the need for such information or data is paramount to developing a niche or launching a new product.

    What interest does a sportwear company has in sponsoring a natural science project? Oh, sorry my people, I forgot that our president is a sport president. Ok, good luck in your endeavors to getting the financing and using it expediently.
    Who will such information serve? Where will such information be gotten?

    My people, you guys must stop spoiling our names. We (Liberians) are clever and smart people, stop belittling us like this.
    My advice: organize sporting events to get your ‘lil thing to chop”! Stop obtruding with domains you are not knowledgeable about!


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