LRA Trap Catches Smuggler Again


The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) has arrested and sent to court another man for allegedly smuggling a Suzuki jeep into the country through the Sierra Leonean border.

The arrest of suspect Foday Sei followed the recent arrest of a Chinese national, who brought into the country quantities of undeclared goods in an attempt at tax evasion.

Suspect Foday Sei, who also works in the Medium Tax Division of the LRA, is said to have taken a license plate marked PC 27734 to place on the Suzuki jeep in Sierra Leone to cross through Bo Waterside to Liberia in order to evade taxes.

A preliminary investigation has established that Sei admitted to the act and asked for pardon.

According to the LRA investigation, Sei explained that the vehicle was sent to Liberia by a Guinean national he identified as Mohammed Sheriff who resides in Guinea.

Sei said he took a license plate from another vehicle in Monrovia to place on the jeep to facilitate its passage across the border. 

Mr. Alphanso K. David, who is assigned at the Customs BPS section at the Ministry of Finance, and linked to the case, was later exonerated by suspect Sei who said David was not involved.

Evidence established by the LRA Anti-Smuggling Intelligence Unit (ASIU) in the case include the license plate (PC-27734) used by suspect Foday, the Suzuki Jeep and the Guinean license plate (RC-2230P) that the jeep previously had.

The LRA team of investigators then concluded that suspect Foday intentionally, willfully and knowingly smuggled the vehicle across the border with the intent to deprive the Government of Liberia of its legitimate revenue.

They concurred that Foday be sent to the court for prosecution under section 12.11 of the Penal Code of Liberia for allegedly breaching section 90:00 of the Custom Revenue Code.

He was sent to the Tieni Magisterial court on yesterday on charges of tax evasion and smuggling for attempting to defraud Government of US$887.99.


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