LRA Takes Tax Sensitization Messages to Philadelphia Central Church

Worshipers at Philadelphia Central Church in Congo Town.

The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) continued its tax awareness at worship centers on Sunday, November 4 at the Philadelphia Central Church in Congo Town, making presentation to hundreds of worshipers, a release has said.

According to the release, Assistant Commissioner for Real Estate Tax Division, Isaac B. Stevens, informed the congregation that paying taxes is a national obligation. He therefore called on members of the congregation to be fully compliant by paying their taxes.

“The taxes you pay, will help to build our roads, hospitals, schools and provide other basic social services,” he said.

Stevens wants members of the church to make taxpaying a key priority, which will help to develop the country.

The events are being held under the auspices of the Real Estate Tax Division with presentation on various property tax kind that gave the worshipers a broader understanding on tax matters, and the procedures in tax payment as well.

Some of the topics discussed highlighted Real Property Tax, with emphasis on commercial, residential and industrial properties as well as withholding on rents.

Meanwhile, the Resident Pastor of the church, Reverend Abilio V. Balboa, encouraged members of the congregation to fully comply with the LRA by meeting their respective tax obligations.

Balboa wants members of his church to set good examples by paying their fair share of lawful revenue to the state.

He thanked the LRA for making the Philadelphia Central Church a part of its campaign agenda by educating its members on tax matters.

The move by the LRA to educate worshipers at various churches across the country is aimed at expanding it tax base and to increase revenue generation in an effort to improve domestic resource mobilization.


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