LRA Seizes Smuggled Goods


The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) seized a huge quantity of goods allegedly smuggled into the country by some Nigerian businessmen.

The goods, seized on April 15, included cartons of motorbike parts and the herbal liquor ‘Baby Oku’, discovered in the Chugbor Community on the Old Road, a press release said yesterday.

The LRA was notified of the smuggled goods after the Bureau of Immigration (BIN), acting on a tip off, visited the compound housing the business entity and discovered the goods.

LRA’s Anti-Smuggling and Intelligence Unit visited the site of the discovery with a court warrant to effect seizure, while immigration authorities arrested the Nigerians to probe their legal status in the country.

Commenting, the LRA Commissioner General, Elfrieda Stewart Tamba, said the successful seizure is indicative of the important role communities across Liberia can play in the collection and payment of tax revenues to the Government of Liberia.

“It also shows how various government agencies working together can achieve multiple benchmarks,” the Commissioner General added.

The goods are currently in the possession of the LRA, while investigations are being conducted on how they entered the country.

“Following the investigation, the seized goods will be distributed among Chugbor Community residents in line with our policy of redistributing all seized goods back to the communities,” said Commissioner General Tamba.


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