LRA Honors IMF Consultant


The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) has applauded and honored an outgoing International Monetary Fund (IMF) consultant, Joseph Christopher Musumba Mwogeza for his “professional services” rendered the entity to impact the collection of lawful revenue, a release has said.

According to the release, Mr. Mwogeza, seconded by the IMF, has been working with the LRA for over three years, particularly with the Large Tax Division in the Domestic Tax Department, building the capacity of staff in strengthening compliance.

At a farewell and gowning ceremony Tuesday, January 15, 2019 in Paynesville City, Deputy LRA Commissioner General for Technical Affairs Decontee T. King-Sackie, expressed gratitude to Mr. Mwogeza, especially for building the capacity of staff during his three-year period at the LRA.

Madam Sackie used the moment to express gratitude to the IMF Family for the continuous contributions towards particularly the growth and development of the LRA and Liberia in general.

Sackie urged staff of the LRA, specifically those of the Large Tax Division of the Domestic Tax Department to utilize the knowledge gained from Mr. Mwogeza over the years.

“It is my hope and prayer that the knowledge we all gained from Joseph, will not die with his departure,” she said.

Assistant Commissioner for Large Tax, Andrew Pope, said Mr. Mwogeza worked directly impacted the division, and it is against the backdrop the staff decided to gown him as a means of showing gratitude.

“According to our own tradition, it is mandatory for us to show some sign of appreciation to a stranger whenever he is leaving based on his contribution to our society,” Pope said.

In response, Mr. Mwogeza thanked the entire staff and employees of the LRA for the cordial working relationship and best exchanges during his stay.

He admonished them to push further and improve their skills, noting that as there are more talented and professional people working within the LRA, there is also a need to create more avenues for them to develop their potentials.

“I want to see more Joseph from this group that will even do better than I can,” adding, “keep pushing and thanks for your full cooperation during the time I worked with you.”


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