LRA Communications Department Gets Boost

Information Minister Eugene Nagbe cuts ribbon to open the new LRA production studio.

… Ultimate aim is to make it easier for people to understand their obligation to tax payment.

Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) Commissioner-General, Thomas Doe-Nah is not taking for granted the essentiality of communication in revenue collection.  Being formerly a journalist who reported in pre-war days for a sports newspaper, Mr. Doe-Nah believes that there is no way an institution can progress with its activities to be known to others if the communications arm is weak.

Against this backdrop, he, with the rest of the LRA team, has built and dedicated a production studio for the Communications Department, located at the LRA headquarters in Paynesville, from where recorded messages about tax will be produced, edited and disseminated to send to various media outlets for propagation to the general public.

During the dedication on February 10, 2020, Mr. Doe-Nah said, “For us, our hearts’ mandate is to educate people and, in educating people, these are some of the things we are suppose to do and we will train our people to ensure that they adequately provide information.”

The LRA’s new production studio contains a mixer and production (desktop) computers and other communication gadgets including sophisticated recorders and cameras that the entity’s communications department will use to produce messages to the LRA’s strategic mission.

Mr. Doe-Nah said he does not only see the new development as bringing an advanced communication system to the LRA to get message across to taxpayers, but a way of motivating the Communication Department team to be effective and perform their tasks without inconveniences.

In words that appeared chiding to incapacitated journalists, the LRA Commissioner General said the equipment was bought for use by the staff to work because the LRA do not want their people to use phones to be recording and taking picture at the same time, but whoever is a camera person should have a camera that is meant to photograph and those recording should have recorders that will enhance their work effectively and efficiently.

He praised the LRA team for its cooperation which, he says, has no barrier but is inclusive of everyone, assuring that the LRA is desirous of taking Liberia’s budget to US$1 billion instead of the $500 million that has always been the limit.  He said the LRA family does not know from whence this can come, but it is confident that it can be one day with God’s help.

in introductory remarks, LRA Communications Director D. Kaihenneh Sengbe said that this is the first of its kind at the institution — to have a production studio for Communications staffers to produce messages.  Acknowledging the Commissioner General, Mr. Sengbe said it was Mr. Doe-Nah’s initiative to have the studio set up because he (Doe-Nah) knows the importance of communication and therefore wants to see messages about LRA transmitted across the country so that taxpayers will understand it well.

The presence of the studio means that LRA will not rely on other studios to record or edit its voices and message content in some instances, but will do everything within its own facility and send out the prepared package to radio stations for airing and upload same on the social media platform.

Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe, said communication is vital in the existence of any institution, especially one like the LRA because the public need to know about tax payment, and it takes communication to do so.  He commended the LRA family and the CG for the initiative and noted that it will enhance the work of the institution to get the public understands fully the function of the LRA and the obligations people have to pay taxes.

LRA Deputy Commission for Administration Mrs. Decontee King-Sacke said in all that they do, including the setting up of the studio, are aimed at making the process easier for people to understand their obligation to tax payment.

Darlingston Talery, Commissioner for Domestic Tax added that they are interested in disseminating information clearly to the understanding of taxpayers so that they will know the significance of domestic resource mobilization.  He conceded with the Commissioner General that Liberia has more progressive activities to raise the fiscal budget to US$1 billion and, with information dissemination, the public will know how the LRA can achieve it.

Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) Director General, Ledgerhood Rennie, expressed profuse commendations to the LRA Director General and the entire staff for the venture he says is very important to the running of the institution.


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