LRA Commissioner General Blasts “Tax Evaders”

LRA Comissioner-General, Thomas Doe Nah

The Commissioner General of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), Thomas Doe Nah, has described tax evaders as “corrupt people,” whose actions are negatively impacting development.

Mr. Nah spoke recently at an integrity award program organized by the Accountability Lab-Liberia. He emphasized that Liberians yearn for development, and want infrastructures to be erected in a day, but they have reneged on paying their real estate taxes that should bring to pass those things desired for development in present day Liberia.

“We go to places in Europe, America, and other African countries, and see infrastructures.  Those infrastructures came from taxpayers’ money,” he said.

Mr. Nah added, “tax compromise is not acceptable in many countries as done in the country, because Liberians like to evade tax payment. This is an act of corruption.”

He then stressed that there was no need Liberians beg other countries, including the great United States, for aid, “because the money European Union, and the United States send [to Liberia] come from taxpayers.”

He said if Liberians were honest to pay their taxes, there would be no need to beg others for almost everything, including the staple diet.

Mr. Nah also attributed Liberia’s retrogression to “integrity” problem; which according to him, is dragging the country backward.

He said many Liberians want job, but they shun those processes that lead to getting the job.

“It is unfortunate that people will want job, but are not able to sit a test to prove their abilities for the job, but to rather rely on ‘who knows you’ to beat the system,” he said.

He noted that some Liberians have their agenda without regard for ethics and integrity, which he said leads them to arbitrarily sack people in a workplace, and replace them with people of interest to them.

Mr. Nah said while taking over at the LRA, suspicion grew that he was going to sack people from their jobs to replace them with either relatives or close associates, but he dispelled that notion by not going in that direction.

“A person can only be taken out of his/her position if that person does not do the job or commits an act that is against the policy of the entity.  I did not come to take anyone from job just because I am the boss,” he said.


  1. But when are you going to blast the “TAX THIEVES”?? Common sense tells us that those who hold authority to act on behalf of others are regarded as FIDUCIARIES, and must adhere to the highest standards of care, loyalty and honesty, when spending the people’s money. In other words, government ministers must take care of the people’s money and spend it wisely!

    But we all know that most of our government ministers are worthless human beings! They steal. They take kickbacks. And they spend our tax dollars frivolously to buy tainted SUV’s and pay $600,000 rent to landlords (Hint: LRA rent)

    Hey Mr. Commissioner General, wouldn’t it be nice to see some of our TAX THIEVES behind bars in their cheap Chinese suits???

  2. Mr. Commission General, there is nowhere in the world (including the United States and Europe) where people want to give their money to government. The natural instant of a human is to keep his/her money. The difference is that developed countries have created “well-oiled machines” over a long period of time to get money from humans.

    One other place to look is within Liberia’s National Budget. The budget is setup to in your words to, “beat the system”.

    Hint: Voluntary compliance is a result to TURST, ACCOUNTABILITY and INTEGRITY.


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