LPS Gives to Orphanage Home


The Liberia Philanthropy Secretariat (LPS), with support from US based philanthropist organizations, has donated assorted relief items to the Love ‘A Child Orphanage’ in Liberia. The donation was made possible recently following a visit to Liberia of a US-based delegation including Forbes Magazine and a San Francisco-based internet entrepreneur, Jennifer King. The LPS played an integral part in setting up a tour and development philanthropy visit with power player, Forbes Magazine during their recent trip to Liberia.

 While in Liberia, the Forbes delegation, along with LPS program director, Ms. Jennah Scott, had the opportunity to visit both the classrooms and bedrooms of the children at “Love A Child Orphanage.” Through this empowering and educational visit, many relationships with the U.S. based philanthropists were formed and cultivated between social entrepreneur and philanthropist, Jennifer King of Rugged Elegance in the US and “Love A Child Orphanage” in Liberia.

 According to an LPS statement, Madam Jennifer King, a US based internet entrepreneur and investor, shipped handmade blankets and quilts to the deteriorating orphanage to keep the children warm at night and to have something softer to lie on than the hard concrete and blanket-less bunk beds they have now become accustomed to.

 King is said to have reached out to LPS whom she had met several months earlier on the LPS orchestrated Forbes trip to get assistance with the care package that had been held up in customs.  

“It was important to LPS that the children receive their handmade pillows and blankets. They have never received a specialized gift from overseas and the kids were too excited.  It took a great deal of our resources, time, and energy to get the package released, but we wanted to see that smile on the children’s faces,” said LPS program director, Ms. Jennah Scott.

 Ms. Scott added: “The Love a Child Orphanage has several issues including leaking holes in the roof, an unfinished school building, and often times there are no regular provisions in place to ensure that they know where the next meal will come from. It is important for donors to also keep these things in mind when donating to organizations such as Love a Child. They are in need of so many things that we are unable to assist with without the financial resources.”

 Humanitarian like Jennifer King is greatly appreciated and we urge others to show additional support through monetary aid and resource allocation that will allow proper water sanitation, meal planning, and building maintenance for Love A Child Orphanage, Ms. Scott stated.

 LPS was set up more than five years ago to act as an extension of the people of Liberia to bridge the gap between U.S. philanthropists and the needs of the Liberian community. LPS acts as a conduit and liaison creating a systematic approach where philanthropists and donors can offer resources, monetary aid, and voice ideas about the positive progression of the country. Love A Child Orphanage was founded in March 1998 by Madam Rebecca Wreh and her husband to provide a nurturing home and quality education for Liberia's abandoned and orphaned children. The orphanage is home to nearly 40 children including 33 girls and 5 boys, the managers have said.


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