LPRC Boss ‘Lied Under Oath’

(From left): Minister of Commerce, Prof Wilson K Tarpeh; LPRC Managing Director, Marie Urey-Coleman; and LPRC’s Deputy Director General for Operations, Bobby Brown

— According to House Specialized Committee’s preliminary report on gas shortage 

The House’s Specialized Committee, mandated to validate whether or not “sufficient” gasoline is in the country for the month of February, has revealed that Mrs. Marie Urey-Coleman, the Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) has lied under oath and that, there is no sufficient gas in country as earlier testified to members of the House of Representatives, on Tuesday, February 4. The House’s 21-person Specialized Committee, reported on Thursday, February 13 — the 10th Day Sitting, that it has preliminarily observed that the LPRC boss’ statement is quite contrary to what she insisted that there is enough gasoline in the country for the month of February.

The preliminary report, under the signature of the Acting Chairman of the Specialized Committee, Nimba County District #1 Representative Jeremiah Koung, said Mrs. Urey-Coleman requested for additional one week to investigate the causes of the gasoline shortage to include all Petroleum Importers.

The Specialized Committee report sparked mixed reactions with some members of the House of Representatives, including Representatives Munah Pelham Youngblood, Francis Dopoh, P. Mike Jurry, Albert Hills, and Moima Briggs-Mensah arguing that the LPRC Managing should have been summoned under contempt for “lying under oath” to the House of Representatives, concerning the sufficiency of gasoline in the country.

“Based on the fact that members of the Executive appear before us and took an oath, it’s about time that Executive takes us seriously… they have to take us serious because this place is not a place of joke. You can tell us that you have gasoline, then the august body mandate a specialized committee and the committee comes to tell us what they said is contrary. We are the last group of people you should come and tell us fallacy. We should deal with the lies, rather than to discuss additional time,” Rep. Youngblood said.

Maryland County District #1 Representative P. Mike Jurry said the continued shortage of the gasoline in the country has increased hardship in the country and therefore the LPRC boss should be summoned instead, based on the preliminary report, rather than giving the committee an additional one week to investigate the causes.

In addition, Montserrado County District #8 Representative Acarous M. Gray termed the shortage of the gasoline as a “toxic economic sabotage” and demanded that the LPRC Managing Director, the Minister of Commerce as well as the Managing Director of the National Port Authority (NPA) and the management team of APM Terminals Liberia appear either on Saturday or Monday and then also that the Speaker, Deputy Speaker and the House’s chairperson on Executive to meet the President to have a “discussion on the gas shortage.”

Grand Bassa County District #2 Representative Mary Karwor suggested that President George M. Weah should visit the LPRC to get an on-site report, which will also show his seriousness to solve the gas shortage problem.

House Speaker Bhofal Chambers seized the motion proffered by Rep. Haji Fofana because of what he termed as tons of repeated amendments on the summoning of bosses of LPRC, NPA, APM Terminals and the Ministry of Commerce. A new motion was proffered by Rep. Franklin Nyumalin on giving the Specialized Committee one week to investigate the causes of the gasoline shortage.

It may be recalled Mrs. Urey-Coleman told members of the Lower House that the current shortage of gasoline across the country is due to the inability of ‘large vessels’ to berth at the Free Port of Monrovia but rather at high tides (high seas), a claim that APM Terminal has denied. She told the House that there is enough gasoline in the country for the February, and would let the House of Representatives to investigate their assertions. Mrs. Coleman was accompanied by Mr. Bobby Brown, LPRC’s Deputy Director-General for Operations and the Minister of Commerce, Prof. Wilson K. Tarpeh.


    • Barnard, what about a society as the U.S. where senators who took oath to defend and uphold the Constitution morally and and legally, have chosen to violate the Constitution in order to not remove a president who also took oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, but clearly violated the Constitution? Is this not a backward and lawless society mostly run by heathens? You bet it is.

  1. All Weah cares about is the amount that comes in the country’s revenue coffers and if possible, to divert donors’ monies into his personal accounts.

    To be included and successful in Weah’s cesspool, an individual should possess excellent, manual dexterity. Like a magician who masters the sleight of hand, that individual should be able to plunder and loot as much as he/she can but with one exception; that is he/she must make sure Weah gets his cuts, and then all is cool.

  2. I have a question to everyone of us here: We all see the bad in President Weah and every chance we get, we elucidate it. My question, does no one see any good in him at all? hardly do we mention any good in him at all.

    I asked because he was voted overwhelmingly in office. The voters must have seen something in him to have voted him in office.

    So, is it that the voters saw something that we don’t see, or vice versa? Who is on the side of history? clearly, someone is

    • Joe Moses,it is written that ”he who has knowledge will always be right, but he who has right or wrong opinion will sometimes be right, and sometimes be wrong. Now, take this knowledge that IN POLITICS, no supporter of ANY of the opposition shall ever see anything good in the incumbent President, just as no supporter shall ever see anything good in the opposition.

      Take for example that corrupt, unprincipled, incompetent, and extremely rude senator Nyounblee Kangar Lawrence who after aiding and abetting Harry Greaves at LPRC in his massive corruption, and she Nyounblee designing and ochestrating the killing of her husband and his girlfriend for insurance money and for eliminating a girl whom she says was having an affair with her husband, would spew such stupidity about ” Liberia becoming an embarrassment” even amid the unprecedented infrastructural developments made by Pres. Weah just in two years amid an inhereited deteriorated economy, and when,

      (1) powerful governments and powerful capitals and the world’s major supranational organizations as the UN, ECOWAS, EU, THE IMF, THE WORLD BANK, AU, ETC. have asserted and demonstrated over and over that they and the majority of Liberians at home and abroad have,

      (2) seen and continue to see total comfort, composure, encouragement, and excellent confidence in the leadership of the Liberian leader Dr. George Manneh Weah of the Congress of Democratic Change and the Coalition of Democratic Change!!!

  3. I don’t know the background or relationship between Mrs. Urey and Weah, but I presumes that she might has relationship with Benoni Urey(opposition); if my presumption is glaring, then, it is another bombshell propelled by the opposition to further makes the Weah’s led government unfavorable.

  4. It is sad that that lady, Mrs Marie Urey Coleman will be used as sacrificial lamb. The president and his so-called committee will not punish the port manager, Mr Bill Twaway for misappropriation of port dredging fund.


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