LPDP Leader Denies Plan to Leave CDC

-Describes speculation as ‘mere gossip and distraction’

Tyler: “The CDC remains the alternative for holistic growth and development of the country”

The political leader of the Liberia People Democratic Party (LPDP), Rep. J. Alex Tyler, has described as ‘gossip and distraction’ speculations that he was defecting from the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

“I do not only view this as mere gossip and distraction of our commitment to the people of this country to build collaboration in an effort to narrow choices, but one that is unfounded and a vicious and brazen attempt to undermine the gains which we as a coalition have made so far, and our determination to give Liberians the once in a lifetime change they deserve,” he said in a press statement yesterday at his LPDP headquarters in Monrovia.

Tyler said the propaganda and spreading of falsehood is being championed by people he described as detractors who have chosen to ignore trending and substantive national issues in their continued efforts to focus on frivolities and trivialities.

The former speaker of the House of Representatives clarified that he was neither coerced nor forced to join the Coalition, adding: “We are one of the progenitors of the formation of what is today the Coalition for Democratic Change; this is a vision we cherished dearly because this is what the people craved for, we are a founding member of the CDC.”

He described the LPDP coalition with the NPP and CDC as a success story of the mandate assigned him by the National Executive Committee to work out modalities for the formation of a grand coalition to stop the third term win of Unity Party in the October 2017 Presidential and Legislative Elections.

On the recent endorsement of Vice President Joseph Boakai by 19 Senators, Tyler, a former Unity Party member, said if those Senators were interested in decentralized development and supported the US$73 million he proposed a couple of years ago, of which one million would have gone to each electoral district, there would have been social and significant infrastructural development and improvement in their various countries.

“This would have given them the kind of political leverage to make the kind of endorsement they made on behalf of their people which can be construed as fake endorsement. Did they consult their constituents whose aspirations they represent? Do they have the political clout to transform such an endorsement into votes?” the Bomi County lawmaker wondered.

“I can inarguably assure you that what some of them (lawmakers) boast of today as achievements or development projects in their respective counties are the result of Legislative projects we proposed a few years ago.”

The former Speaker boasted of his strong belief in a change that will return Liberia to Liberians, “and this change can only be possible through the election of a CDC Government.” The CDC, he said, remains “the alternative” for the holistic growth and development of the country.

“I want to emphatically clarify that I have no plans to leave the Coalition; before exiting the Unity Party, I calculated the ramifications of my decision, and this is why we have accepted to go through various manners of persecution for our belief in the struggle for the total emancipation of our people, a belief that is deeply rooted in the platform of the Coalition for Democratic Change. We remain resolute and embrace the idea that our time to take over the mantle of authority of our country has come, such that nobody, absolutely nobody, can stop us now,” Tyler concluded.


  1. Rep Tyler, you are quite right; “the LPDP coalition with the NPP and CDC is a success story”!! The formation of this coalition is fundamentally, the people´s decision to take the power from the elite and give it to the masses! PERIOD! It is this fear or panic which prompted that so called futile or vain endorsement by those ANTI-PROGRESSIVES seeking a third term for the irresponsible and wicked Unity Party of Joseph Boakai and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf!

    In other words, IT IS MORE THAN CLEAR that “the propaganda and spreading of falsehood and the fake endorsement” by those so called legislators who did not even consult their constituency prior to their “endorsement” was done out of self-defeatism and fear of the powerful popular force of your coalition-THE CDC! AND THIS IN ITSELF MIRRORS THE VICTORY OF YOUR COALITION -THE COALITION FOR DEMOCRATIC CHANGE IN OCTOBER 2017.


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