LP Locks Down Bassa in Senatorial Race, LP Candidate Wants Development Now, not tomorrow

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The opposition Liberty Party (LP) senatorial candidate, Jonathan L. Kaipay, claims to have locked down Grand Bassa County with the assurance of his supporters and partisans in the upcoming special senatorial election on December 16.

The partisans have described him as the people’s choice.

In an interview during the rally, the LP candidate, explained that his campaign message to the people during the Ebola crisis is that Bassa must be developed now and not tomorrow.  He referred to the county’s numerous resources, including the Buchanan Port.

The senatorial candidate is engaged in Jehovah Witness-style campaigning, focusing especially on the rural areas.

He said his plan is to ensure that people in the rural areas identify with their candidate and become aware of the county’s development agenda.

 “Voters in towns and villages need to know and interact with their leader who intends to represent them in the Legislature.   “You need to listen to them and also to know what they want in the process of voting you in as a lawmaker of the county.”

The LP candidate further disclosed that he has visited the five electoral districts of Bassa over several days to discuss with the people the issues of the elections and the existence of the Ebola disease.

Mr. Kaipay emphasized that sensitizing the people on the importance of the elections and informing them that Ebola is real were plans adopted by the campaign team. 

He explained that his style of campaigning was not to draw huge crowds, but to move from village to village and town to town and give the campaign message to the people, adding, “I know they are understanding the issues and are ready to make their own decisions for the betterment of the county.”

“We need to improve the living conditions of the people of Bassa and ensure that reconciliation, education and safe drinking water are fully achieved in the county.  It has been very challenging to change the face of the county, he admitted.

Disclosing some of his plans when elected senator of Grand Bassa County, Mr. Kaipay said, unity would be his first priority due to the division and disagreements within the caucus of the county. He feels that someone who is coming in fresh can make the difference.

“We also intend to foster development in the county because Grand Bassa lacks certain basic facilities in terms of social services, infrastructural development, more schools to supplement the only two government high schools and more health centers added to the one existing referral hospital.”

He urged his supporters and partisans to remain safe and adhere to the safety measures prescribed by the Ministry of Health and local and international partners to eradicate the deadly Ebola virus disease.


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