LP Chides Gov’t for ‘Lawlessness, Bad Economy, High Unemployment’

Senator Stephen Zargo flanked by LP Secretary General Jacob Smith (left) and UP chairman Wilmot Paye (right) at yesterday's press conference.

— Supports June 7 planned protest

Opposition Liberty Party (LP) is on the back of President George Weah for “his government’s disregard for the rule of Law, the economic growth that has declined to below 0 per cent and the worsening unemployment rate.

LP meanwhile says it supports the June 7 ‘peaceful protest’ to remind the CDC-led government of the growing wave of economic hardship, uncontrollable corruption, flagrant constitutional violations, mob violence and clamp down on non-adherents.

On Tuesday, April 24, LP Chairman Stephen Zargo, said with just a little over one year of the CDC-led government, “the country continues to experience rapid decline in nearly all sectors of our governance framework, including sharp decline in the performance of the economy, as well as widespread acts of lawlessness and mysterious deaths of prominent citizens with elusive promises of police investigation or none at all.

LP said the party supports the June 7 planned peaceful protest to remind the government of the growing wave of economic hardship, uncontrollable corruption, flagrant constitutional violations, mob violence, clamp down on non-adherents across the country. According to Sen. Zargo, the planned protest is a fundamental tenet of democracy for the people to freely assemble and petition their government when it is so required.

“Our decision is further informed by the demonstrated indifference the President and officials continue to show in the face of the bruising economic hardship.

“As a party that is acclaimed for adherence to the rule of law, and given the sad history of recent violent protests organized by the CDC, while in opposition, and during the recent Montserrado County by-elections in district #13, we urge the organizers of the protest to remain peaceful and act in keeping with laws. On the Strength of the 1986 Constitution, it is the rights of the people to, at any and all times, assemble and express themselves on issues affecting their wellbeing,” Zargo said.

“During the course of the planning and implementation of the planned protest, the CDC-led Government must also take cognizance of its constitutional mandate to provide security for the protesters and constructively advert any plan by surrogates of the government to provoke violence as was done by Mayor Jefferson Koijee and his supporters in District 13.”

Chairman Zargo, who is also a Senator of Lofa County, said there are several incompetent people appointed by President Weah to strategic positions in the public sector, and it is conspicuous that the health care delivery system portrays a life-threatening decline as a result of the lack of basic medical supplies to major health centers.

“The civil service is overcrowded by political surrogates of the CDC, without a corresponding and practical alignment with the size of the national envelop, accountability, a cardinal part of good governance, is grossly lacking, as is also a clear demonstration of political will to punish people culpable of corruption,” the LP Chairman stated.

Sen. Zargo: “It is therefore no surprise that there is a rapid and astounding erosion of public confidence in the CDC-led Government.”

Flanked by the Unity Party (UP) chairman Wilmot Paye and LP’s Secretary General Jacob Smith, Zargo said when the CDC-led Government assumed state authority in 2018, the strength of the economy stood at over 2% growth rate, but as it is, economic growth has declined 0% to the extent that inflation has increased to more than 25%.

He pointed out that unemployment is worsening due to a growing wave of layoff exercises at major investments, and to complicate this economic nightmare, the US$25 million, which was intended to stabilize the exchange rate (currently at US$1 to L$175) was mismanaged, while some of the prime culprits, including Finance Minister Samuel Tweah and Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) Executive Governor Nathaniel Patray walk around scout-free.

The LP has meanwhile pleaded with the UN, EU, AU, ECOWAS and all foreign partners, who invested so much in the country’s peace process to keep eyes on the trend of events unfolding in our country; particularly the regrouping of former rebel commanders with government assistance.


  1. It is such irresponsible public lying of some politicians that keeps the country in a mode of permanent crisis and national security distress.

    Of course, it’s utter rubbish that Liberia was experiencing 2% growth in 2018 when this government took over. The UP-led government didn’t only deliberately flood the market with illegally- printed excess Liberian dollars causing runaway inflation, but also according to CBL Governor Weeks US $513 million was unlawfully transferred to accounts abroad in 2017 and EJS never showed any concern.

    As a matter of fact, by 2013 the economy was reeling to the extent that UP Chairman Sherman in a blunt July 26 Oration warned her about the alarming corruption and deteriorating economic situation. A disaster which was worsened the following year by Ebola. Not to mention that things got so unbearable that a newly appointed Justice Minister Sarnoh alarmed that “Pervasive Poverty was the greatest threat to stability in the country”.

    What helped in covering-up a near mass poverty – exacerbated by falling world prices of our revenue mainstays such as iron ore & rubber, uncontrollable corruption, and unconscionable waste – were income from employees of UNMIL and NGOs which disappeared in 2018. EJS should’ve known she was handling over a broke country with no prospects of recovering in less than five years without new huge infusion of foreign direct investments. Incidentally, investments which the sense of unstableness (conveyed by incessant threats and protests for war and economic crimes court including one at the UN) intentionally undermined.

    In other words, planning a June 7 based on inherited hardships driven by the above-mentioned malfunctioning governance of EJS is inexcusable. More so, that even before the 2018 Inauguration, Pan-Africanist UL students wrote about plans to galvanize an uprising showed premeditation that June 7 has nothing to do with these lies of LP. I’m not asking whether Brumskine and Karnweaye repaid the loan of US $1.5 million EJS allowed them to receive from NASSCORP to buy a rubber company unbelievably at the eve of the 2017 elections. What I’m saying is that any dire consequences of June 7 protests will rest squarely on the heads of the four collaborating parties.

    • You are too old to sound so irrational and should I say stupid?

      How can you put the blame of the ongoing economic hardship on the previous administration? Didn’t the Weah lead, led, lead government know the prevailing economic climate when they came to power? What steps have they taken to get us out of this economic nightmare? Oh, I forgot, the USD twenty five million mop up money that they cant account for, or the off budget spending, the frequent foreign travels with disproportionately large and unnecessary delegation, the quick rush to acquire personal wealth at the detriment of the masses and economy are the good steps they have taken to solve our problems.

      If Weah had inherited a thriving economy do you think they would have given the credit to the past administration? Hell No!! It is nonsensical to put the blame on a government that is no longer in power. It is now the responsibility of this administration to solve the problems at hand.

      And,I am surprised that you would be speaking a protest against a June 7 protest. Why have George Weah, the supposed man of the masses, failed to lead rightly. Why lead in a way that will necessitate a protest? “If you lead widely, you will be obeyed meekly.”

  2. “The UP-led government didn’t only deliberately flood the market with illegally- printed excess Liberian dollars causing runaway inflation,” This is a big lie..

    The newly printed Liberian dollars was not put into circulation by the UP government, it was the Weah government that took charged of the new notes and put it in circulation and also, have you heard of the $25 million dollars so-called mop-up, what happen to the old notes that was to be mop-up, it’s is still in circulation. The new notes was to replace the old ones but this Weah government is using the new notes to build mansions while the old notes are still in circulation…that’s why we have a runaway inflation of 28% double since Weah came to power….inflation was never over 14% under the 12 years of Ellen Sirleaf but with in one year of George Weah, inflation jump to 28% and you want to falsely blame UP government…

  3. I know after 6 years of George Weah presidency and things still are bad or worst, George Weah choirs will still falsely be blaming Ellen Sirleaf for the total failure of this inept George Weah…..


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