Lonestar Cell Regrets “Action” against Legislature


The Lonestar Cell MTN has extended its regrets to the members of the House of Representatives for cutting off the three-day free promotion, being the only company which supported the proposal of the tax increment, and to bear the responsibility without passing the cost onto consumers.

In a letter to the House, Lonestar Cell/MTN chief executive officer (CEO), Babatunde Osho, apologized for the harm to and the statement applied against members sby the actions of the deputy chief executive of Lonestar Cell MTN.

According to a statement the Lonestar management release yesterday, Mr. Osho’s apology stemmed from a recommendation to the Ministry of Justice and the Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA) by the House to investigate Lonestar Cell/MTN for “lying under oath.”

The House also mandated Lonestar to restore the three-day free promotion that was cut-off.

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