Lonestar Cell MTN Extends MoMo Services to Transport Sector

Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money Manager, Mr. Ssali, with motorcyclists and transport union officials at the launch and presentation of the first five mobile phones.

— Launches “Hopscotch”

To promote access to financial services through digital channels, Lonestar Cell MTN in partnership with the Government through the Ministry of Transport (MOT) has launched a new program for the kekeh and transport union called “Hopscotch.”

The event, which took placed on Tuesday, March 3, 2021 at the corners of Benson and Carey Streets, was attended by several staff of Lonestar Cell MTN including its chief executive officer, Mr. Rahul De, motorcyclists, transport union and passersby.

Hopscotch, according to Lonestar Cell MTN, is a new mobile money (MoMo) service that will enable the transport sector especially passengers to use its mobile money platform to pay for taxi, kekeh, and motorbike riders using their cell phones and mobile accounts.

The company further said the Hopscotch service is intended to make the Liberian market a cash-free society. The occasion saw the distributions of 300 local mobile phones and SIM cards to be used by motorcyclists and the transport union sector for their mobile money transaction purposes.

Lonestar Cell MTN, however, indicated that their focus is on building a future for their customers by leading the way and ensuring that they are not only connected by their funds when and where they need it.

Christopher Ssali, General Manager of Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money speaking at the launch, described Mobile Money as “A fast, simple, convenient, secure and affordable way of transferring money, making payments and doing other transactions using a mobile phone.”

He told the motorcyclists that when they subscribed to mobile money, it will allow payment in supermarkets and fuel stations among others.

“What are we saying here today? We are saying that mobile money is for everybody. Everywhere you go, wherever you are, you will be able to use mobile money. So, the reason why we are here today is to launch our mobile money in the transport business sector,” he sa.

He said the mobile money transport business the cyclists are entering into is to ensure that ordinary citizens move freely without stress, especially people who usually travel on kekeh and taxi and do not have cash with them.

Lonestar Cell MTN said the Hopscotch service is intended to make the Liberian market a cash-free society.

Mr. Ssali said: “We want to change that because maybe the fares might be L$10, L$15 or L$50, but difficult to get the passenger their change. So, what the new program does is that it takes away all those stress from the riders and the passengers.”

He also called on the kekeh riders to make use of mobile money by encouraging their customers to join the platform.

Mr. Ssali added: “When that is done, there will be no more struggle with kekeh and no more struggle with cash. We all know that cash is heavy and dirty, particularly with the covid-19 and Ebola. “So, to stop all that, this is why we are saying let us digitize Liberia first, and this is the beginning of the launch of mobile money in the transport sector.”

Lorenzo Beyan, Director of Motorcycle and Tricycle Division at MOT, expressed gratitude to the management of the Lonestar Cell MTN family for such partnership.

He expressed the belief that the initiative undertaken by Lonestar Cell MTN and its Mobile Money team will benefit its users in terms of their financial transactions.

Mr. Beyan informed the riders that the ministry is in full compliance with the motorcycle and tricycle union to ensure that they make maximum use of the service that Lonestar Cell MTN is offering.

Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, Mr. James Wah, president of the Transport Union, Waterside Branch, thanked Lonestar Cell MTN for the service afforded them.

He said the launch of the ‘Hopscotch’ mobile money service will help them in their daily transactions, especially the drivers.

Mr. Wah also called on the MTN group that the service launched for them should not be the last but hopes more opportunities will locate them the company.

Meanwhile, anybody wishing to use the service can kindly dial *156*3# including the rider’s contact and make payment instantly.


  1. Thanks to CLSG’s 225 KV electrical interconnection, Liberia now has plenty of electricity !
    MTN and Orange, should also allow Liberian citizens to purchase electricity using their mobile phones, via their mobile money accounts. This will facilitate access to electricity and eliminate the theft of electric power. Thank you.


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