Lonestar Cell MTN Donates 250 Devices for COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Lonestar Cell MTN Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Ofodie (right) presents the items to an official form the office of the Vice President of Liberia, Madam Jewel Howard Taylor.

As part of its response to the coronavirus/COVID-19 health crisis, Lonestar Cell MTN has donated 250 phones to the national health response team to enable monitoring of low-risk contacts. This vital donation will free up resources required to effectively manage confirmed cases and contain the spread of the virus by enabling home-quarantined, low-risk contacts to be monitored effectively for 14 days.

Additionally, the company also donated 250 devices to the Office of the Vice President to support the Ministry of Health and the National Public Health Institute of Liberia to be used for contact tracing.

The CEO of Lonestar Cell MTN, Uche Ofodile, commenting on the donation, said, “We are very grateful to health workers on the frontline who are giving their all to ensure that every single Liberian is safe from the outbreak and that those who are directly affected by the virus can recover fully. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is an unknown territory for us all and we must all come together to do what we can to combat the outbreak. By donating the phones, we are supporting the government’s efforts to care for those affected and monitor contacts to control the outbreak. Ending the pandemic requires a collective effort and we are happy to play our part.”

In addition to supporting contact tracing and public awareness, Lonestar Cell MTN is donating 50 phones to be used by COVID-19 patients under quarantine in designated quarantine centers.

The company is also providing free communication access for critical health workers for an initial period of one month. The free communication access will allow these health workers to call each other for free on the Lonestar Cell MTN network.


Health workers will also enjoy free instant messaging and the ability to share photos and videos using MTN’s messaging app, ayoba. Ayoba can be downloaded for free on ayoba.me if you are a Lonestar Cell MTN customer or from the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Lonestar Cell MTN stands in solidarity with the Government and the people of Liberia during this trying time and will continue to support efforts to keep the people of Liberia safe.


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