Logan Town, Suehn Mecca Old Folks Elated by Nmah-Clarke Humanitarian Gesture

A beneficiary walking out with a bag of rice, thanks to the generosity of the Nmah-Clarke Family Humanitarian Aid, Inc

During this Christmas, not many people went home happily to celebrate the big holiday because of the economic hazard facing the Liberian Economy.  Nevertheless, other impoverished old folks in Logan Town and Suehn Mecca District in Bomi County managed to escape the wrath of hunger with the kind gesture of Nmah Clarke Humanitarian Group.

Prior to December 25, each of 470 elders in Logan Town in Montserrado County and Suehn Mecca in Bomi had received a 25kg rice (Horse), some cups of beans, farina (gari), a plastic of Argo oil,  Maggi cubes, salt and plastics of coal, as well as clothes and beddings to make the festive seasons comfortable for them.

Elder Reuben C. Mulbah, 84, commended the group, saying, “We in Logan town are happy and will never forget the good of the Nmah Clarke Family… I want them to also help us with tablets for old age bone pains.”

Other beneficiaries including Musu Wisseh, 68, said, “We are happy. Every July 26 and Christmas Season, we receive food, clothes and sometimes grease and copybooks from the Nmah Clarke Family. God will always bless them.”

The gesture could not, however, remain in the first two locations.  At the front of the ERA Supermarket opposite the Airfield Junction,  about 70 elderly people, some of them living with disabilities, received 20 cups of rice, 5 cups of beans, farina, a plastic of Argo oil, Maggi Cube, salt and three fish cups for the Christmas.

Old lady Korpu, in appreciation of the gesture, said: “Thank God for this. At least my family has Christmas.”

Distributing food and non-food items twice a year to the elderly, children and people living with disabilities in the country has become distinctly habitual for the Nmah-Clarke Family Humanitarian Aid, Inc (NCFHA), and this year’s festive season donation is the 8th, since 2016.

Coupled with what is now known as “free gifts,” bi-monthly food and non-food gifts are provided to the disadvantaged and ill children at the James N. Davies Hospital.  There is a US$39,000 free Computer and Research Center located in Samukai Community – Logan Town, which has been completed and dedicated to boost the NCFHA’s education program.

According to the management of the humanitarian group, the Center also has a free feeding program, which has been giving hot meals to over 250 kids every Saturday, since December 2018. Every last Friday, the kids play Puzzle – Mind games for hours; the winners are celebrated and then the games are climaxed with a hot meal.

The Nmah-Clarke Family Humanitarian Aid, Inc is a US-based charity organization established by a Liberian, Mrs. Tuwroh Nmah Clarke and her husband, Mr. Delano Clarke. The organization aims to help humanity, especially the underprivileged in Liberia with the goal of providing relief for children and the elderly.

Meanwhile, the Operational Manager of NCFHA-Liberia, Madam Panneh Nmah said the bi-annual donations are to “feed and clothe” the elderly, children and peoples living with disabilities aimed not to allow people to sleep hungry and walk naked during the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Panneh said the humanitarian group also provides educational supplies including copy books, pencils and sharpeners, toys, bicycles and recreational materials to schools, and health materials to hospitals including John F Kennedy, James N. Davies and Redemption Hospitals.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarke of NCHRA believed that besides providing free education materials with the free computer school and internet-research center, it is essential to attach the kitchen of free lunch for the kids every Saturday.

On Saturday, December 28 will end the one-year’s pilot initiative of free lunch for kids, which was launched on Saturday, December 22, 2018.

NCHRA in this year also erected hand pumps Kparkacon (Turtle’s Back) Community, Marshall Highway, Lower Margibi County; as well as in Suehn Mecca Community, Lower Bomi County.


  1. As they have done this and continue to do this for those, whom are relegated to the lower rungs of our society, God will bless their family.

    Truly, they are a family who loves humanity. In as much as the values of their actions are overwhelmingly appreciated, so the manner in which they are doing them are also highly cherished. They are reaching out to the weak and elderly folks and the underprivileged children across the country. In other words, they do not believe in sectionalism or they are not reaching out to only the county or tribal group from which they hail because in the end, our destiny as Liberians is one.

    God bless Mr. and Mrs. Clarke.


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