Lofaians Welcome Samukai’s 2020 Senatorial Bid

Lofa County Senator-elect, Brownie J. Samukai

Various community leaders and locals in Lofa County have welcomed the 2020 senatorial bid of Brownie J. Samukai, Jr., former Minister of National Defense, a release from the county over the weekend has said.

Sarkonedu Town Chief Mamadi Kamara, who was one of the speakers at a recent Samukai’s “acquaintance tour of the county,” said: “We all know the importance of votes from our Mandingo Community, especially Sarkonedu, and if a crowd is a direct translation of support, it is easier to conclude that the whole of Sarkonedu is for you with this show of love.”

According to the release, Kamara’s pledge was corroborated by statements two other chiefs, Saah Bundoo and Hawa Lusenee (Mrs), delivered on behalf of the residents, promising to tour the various towns, villages and hamlets with messages to “open the ears and eyes of potential voters” about Samukai’s potential to lead the county at the Senate in 2020.

Lofaians’ gave their “unflinching” support at a series of gatherings where Mr. Samukai has gone to consult the people. His consultation is part of efforts to actualize his senatorial ambition of his native Lofa County ahead of 2020.

The consultation visits began on Friday, September 14, in Salayea, extending to Sarkonedu, Quardu Gbondi District, Voinjama City, and Foya District, respectively.

Samukai used the visits to assure the people that he will be a candidate in the 2020 senatorial election. “Let me tell you people that I will be contesting the 2020 senatorial election in Lofa County,” he declared to rounds of applause, while others burst out singing traditional praise songs.

“I am here to formally consult with you people, and tell you that if you grant me the permission to serve as your senator in the next election, I will make myself available to you at all times. I came to consult the chiefs, commissioners and youths to tell them about my ambition,” he said as the crowd roared in unison with statements of support.

In Salayea, a mammoth crowd of supporters gathered to meet Samukai where he pledged “direct governance to the people,” adding: “I am seeking to liberate the people from poverty by bringing governance to the doorstep of every resident.”

He said that leadership has been a series of “misguided trails and errors, with disastrous consequences on the people, particularly the common man,” and therefore, he was prepared to takeover so as to institute a series of development programs.

“I believed that my humble track record of academic achievements and working in both the private and public sectors have earned me the tremendous knowledge, skills and capacity needed to understand the multiple expectations of our people across the county,” Samukai said.

He then promised to restore the dignity of Lofaians through solution-driven, socioeconomic interventions, inculcation of clear values and understanding of fundamental rights, which he said are well articulated in his manifesto — to be released soon — heading to 2020 senatorial ambition.

“Lofa County needs a senator that will turn the tide of fortunes of the county, a liberalized leader with conviction, vision and, above all, a leader with the fear of God to be able to harness the vast human and material resources for the well-being of the good people of the county,” he said.


  1. Before the people of Lofa rush to support and elect this guy as their Senator they should make him account for all the money he stole from the Liberian people when he was Minister of Defense.


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