‘Lofa Youth No Longer Troublemakers, but Future Builders’


-Johnson Flomo, LYDN Director

By Hadassah Lus Grigsby (UL Mass Communication Assignment)

The executive director of the Lofa Youth for Development Network (LYDN) says his organization has undertaken a peace building program in that county.

Johnson Flomo, in a telephone conversation from Voinjama, Lofa County, told journalists that his organization is currently working with young people in various high schools in the county to build “Peace Clubs in these schools.”

Flomo stated that the youth of the county, once described as troublemakers, are now being transformed into “future builders.”

“Here in Lofa County young people are no longer involved in criminal activities and other unlawful acts; they are now known to be decision makers in Lofa County,” he added.

According to the organization, since young people are the instruments that were and can be used to bring violence to the country, it is essential that the organization engages them to help transform their minds in terms of keeping the peace and stability and developing the county, and country at large.

He said young people are currently showing interest in the program, adding, “Right now we have 37 young people in various high schools that are willing to help their colleagues understand how to maintain the peace using their innovative ideas.”

The LYDN executive director also disclosed that his organization is presently working with other youth groups in the county.

“We are trying to coordinate with other youths in different districts, villages, and towns, but we are seriously challenged when it comes to reaching the remote areas in the county,” Flomo said.

The organization operates in four high schools in Lofa County, and “we hope to extend to other parts of the county if we get the necessary support,” he stated.


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