Lofa Youth Group Rejects ‘Undemocratic, Unconstitutional Political Manipulations’

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As political discussions intensify as to where to locate the proposed new district headquarters of another district in Kolahun, Hassala Youth United for Progress (HYUP) has disengaged from all arrangements in Lofa County.

Addressing a mini press conference in Monrovia on Monday, the spokesman for the HYUP, Morris Saryon,  argued that the statutorily the city limit of any city in Liberia should be eight square miles in  radius.

Spokesman Saryon argued that the headquarters of the Kolahun District (Kolba City) is a city which also has an eight square miles radius city limit.

He also contended that this city limit covers a significant portion of Bolahun that is named in the petition as the headquarters for the new district.

Mr. Saryon also claimed that a paragraph including that the Act creating the district could be amended was not mentioned in Monrovia.

He further disclosed that his group had been informed that the Chairman of the Hassawoma Committee (Wanhassa) in Lofa County had  passed a law banning anyone from asking about district headquarters.

“With the above mentioned counts, we hereby write to inform you of our decision to withdraw and disengage from the proposed Wanhassa District process until those matters are adequately addressed,” Mr. Saryon stressed.

In a carefully worded letter, the citizens and residents protested the decision of the new headquarters.  The protest has been forwarded to the HYUP executives in Monrovia.

The letter also pointed out that the changing of the district site and name,  Hassawoma, was changed to Wanhassa without the official concern of the Lower section citizens and residents in the Kolahun District.

“As a result a diabolical political design by Chief Dauda Dunor and cohorts is the background of the Lower Hassala rejection and protest against the current petition to  the National Legislature,” the letter stressed.

The letter also pointed an  accusing finger at the defeated lawmaker Varfolay Kamara as saying that his words are not Bible and Quran meaning anything he says he cannot stand by it at anytime.


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