Lofa Group to Raise US$500K for Boakai’s Presidential Bid

Cllr. J. Laveli Supuwood, Chairman of Lofa Citizens for 2017, and Mrs. Deddeh M. Baysah Antoine, Chairlady, at the press conference

A group calling itself “Lofa Citizens for 2017” have begun preparations to generate US$500,000 to support the campaign of Unity Party standard bearer Joseph N. Boakai.

The group’s chairman, Cllr. J. Laveli Supuwood, told a team of reporters in Monrovia on Friday that citizens and partisans of political parties should adapt to a new standard of raising funds to support candidates of their choice.

Cllr. Supuwood, a former Labor Minister, added that too many competent Liberians are being left out of political contests because of lack of funds and support from partisans.

“We must elect our countrymen and women on the basis of their moral conduct, integrity and in the spirit of genuine accountability at all levels,” Cllr. Supuwood said.

He underscored the need for Liberians to shun violence and make the 2017 presidential and legislative elections a moment of reflection and reconciliation.

Cllr. Supuwood indicated that the group has had several consultations with prominent Lofa citizens who want to be presidential candidates to throw their weight behind UP standard bearer Boakai.

Cllr. Supuwood warned that the attitude of supporters depending on standard bearers to dish out money to them must change in Liberia’s political landscape.

He said Lofa citizens have been asked to make a modest financial contribution of L$200.

The UP standard bearer, Cllr. Supuwood said, has met all the requirements and has all the leadership abilities needed to lead Liberia to socioeconomic development and progress.

He also explained that during the just ended voter registration, the group was able to mobilize citizens of Lofa and generated 156,000 eligible voters in the county.

Also speaking was chairlady of ‘Lofa Citizens for 2017,’ Mrs. Deddeh M. Baysah Antoine, who said an indoor program to generate additional funds will be held at the William V.S. Tubman High School in Sinkor on May 28.

Mrs. Antoine called on Lofa citizens and Liberians at home and abroad to contribute their widow’s mite to the May 28 fundraiser.


  1. I must hail Lofa Citizens for raising money for their son-candidate. Well, no more depending
    on Government’s revenue to run for office. That is one thing that really needs to get out of
    politics in Liberia- stop using Government’s money to run for office. Raise your money from
    supporters instead.


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