Lofa Citizens Petition Lawmakers for District Status

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Citizens hailing from Kolahum District in Lofa County have petitioned their lawmakers to combine the Wanwoma and Hassala clans to create a district to be known as the Wanhasa District in Lofa County.

 At the petitioning ceremony on Thursday, May 8, the spokesperson of the two clans, Shaike Omaru Kamara said, the two clans have unanimously agreed to gain a district status.

According to Mr. Kamara, based on their agreement, two clans have collected a signature of over 5,000 people—who hailed from 54 towns and villages or hamlets for the sole purpose of “good and effective governance” in local administration.

Mr. Kamara explained among other things that the district, when created, would be bounded on the North by Tahamba Clan, Kolahum District and Tengia Clan of Foya District; on the South by Lucasu Clan, Kolahum District and Kongbah District, Gbarpolu County; On the West by Kissi Tongi Chiefdom, Kailahum District, the Republic of Sierra Leone; running through the customary boundary between Guma-Menda Chiefdom of Vahum District, and the Gbandi Chiefdom of Kolahum District; and on the East by the Lucasu Clan, Kolahum.

He explained, among other things that the power of the district when created shall have the right and legal capacity to sue and be sued, plead and be pleaded before any court of competent jurisdiction, and at the same time, do all other acts that are usually done by similar corporate bodies within the country.

The new Act, which copy is in possession of this paper, said the corporate powers and authorities of the district shall be exercised by a district commissioner appointed by the President, and assisted by a Clerk; interpreter; manager; a caretaker; and those other positions as are required by law, all of whom shall be elected at a district meeting.

Mr. Kamara said, in addition to the fiscal budget by the central government, the district shall have the power to ordain or promulgate development ordinances or regulations, which will not be inconsistent with the Constitution of Liberia.

According to the spokesperson, “the people themselves initiated this process by generating funds for its process, and we are working and our people ears are open for it enactment into law.”

 The chairman of Lofa County Legislative Caucus, Senator Sumo G. Kuppe, who received the petition on behalf of his colleagues from both Houses, promised to work with both Houses to ensure that the Wanhasa District is created.

 Senator Kupee, however, urged other lawmakers from the county, including Representatives Moses Kollie, Clarence M. Massaquoi, Saah Bamba and Eugene Fallah Kpakai to ensure that the Act is placed on Legislative agenda for next Tuesday.

Rep. Massaquoi and his colleagues from the Lower House agreed to have the Act on the agenda on next week for further deliberation.


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