‘Lockdown Only Possible If…’


— Dr. Nyan supports Trial Vaccine for COVID-19 in Africa

Biomedical research scientist and infectious disease expert, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan, has said that any thought of lockdown or curfew instituted by the government to contain the spread of the virus will only be effective if a stimulus package is attached to help people survive.

“Well, a lockdown can help in contact tracing but it is only possible if the population, mainly the less fortunate, can have some assistance to access food, and other basic needs,” Dr. Nyan said in a phone-in interview with the Truth Breakfast Show yesterday morning.

Dr. Nyan, who is the inventor of the Nyan Testing Kits for multiple infectious diseases, said lockdown or curfew can only be effective if people are not going to bed hungry and have amenities such as free current and pipe-borne water. While fighting to save people from being contaminated by COVID-19, it would be more disastrous if they starved to death.

However, Dr. Nyan said the final discussion depends on how the government is looking at its means of containing “the spread of the virus.  But to trace contacts, a lock-down could not be that bad. Some sacrifices are just needed.”

Dr. Nyan added that Liberia having encountered the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in 2014, should have learned enough lessons by now and take the appropriate measures in containing the spread of any virus, but this not the case.

“We need to close our borders and place in tighter measures,” Dr. Nyan said. “Liberia is vulnerable and the worst may happen if care is not taken.”

Dr. Nyan’s statement comes as Rwandan ministers and top officials join the growing trend of public officials donating their salaries to the fight against COVID-19 and supplied at no cost to the beneficiaries, food, safe drinking water and even tax waivers or reductions.

But in Liberia, this has not been the case. Although the country currently has 14 cases, with 3 deaths and 3 recoveries, those numbers are expected to rise in the next 24 to 72 hours as health authorities await second tests on nearly a dozen already tested positive after one test. Two positive tests are required before an announcement is made.

The number of confirmed positive cases continue to spike, even as concerns grow over the government’s inability to adequately track those who came in contact with infected COVID-19 patients.

Support Trial Vaccine for COVID-19 in Africa

Meanwhile, Dr. Nyan has said that he supports the idea of two French doctors to conduct trials of a vaccine for COVID-19 in Africa. The proposal by the French doctors has been described as a racist remark by many celebrity and medical practitioners.

“It is unfortunate that the perception about what the two doctors suggested became a continental or racial issue. But all through history, no vaccine has been tried on persons already affected with a sickness for whose cure the very vaccine was made. Africa is less affected now and should there be a vaccine today, the continent would be a good ground for the test,” he said.

“It is not that easy as people may think,” Dr. Nyan added. “We want a quick solution but the processes involved are always complex. Time is needed to perfectly complete a scientific invention, mainly in medicine.”

Concerning the use of chloroquine and some other antibiotics as recommended by some health practitioners or pharmaceuticals, Nyan said, it is not a straight jacket answer to the fight against the virus.

“The virus, once in the body of a person, he or she shows some signs and symptoms. Cough, cold, sneezing, and many other symptoms are also associated with other sicknesses like malaria, among others. Therefore, one kind of treatment is no solution now,” he said.

According to him, while some people may survive through the use of chloroquine and some other drugs, it is also clear that chloroquine is toxic and has several different ugly reactions on patients.

Patients’ Confidentiality

As said in previous interviews, Dr. Nyan reiterated that the Liberian government has to step up its game in managing patients’ information.

“Globally, there are health regulations that patients’ records should be kept secret when needed by approved persons or institutions but it should not be a game of bias. They began calling the names of the first confirmed cases, but today, some other government officials said to have come down with COVID-19 are concealed from the public,” he noted.

He said it would even help in contact tracing if the name of a prominent person said to have come down with COVID-19 is called and made public.

“One one of the reasons why people are resisting those who carry out the awareness of people preventing themselves from the Coronavirus is because they don’t trust their government. There have been many contradictions in the fight against corruption and other vices eating up the fabric of the country,” he said.

Nyan added: “Let the people themselves take the lead. Train them in their communities. Involve their leaderships and trust will be rebuilt. They will listen to those they take the prevention messages to and the listeners too will also do the same.”

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David S. Menjor is a Liberian journalist whose work, mainly in the print media has given so much meaning to the world of balanced and credible mass communication. David is married and interestingly he is also knowledgeable in the area of education since he has received some primary teacher training from the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute (KRTTI). David, after leaving Radio Five, a broadcast media outlet, in 2016, he took on the challenge to venture into the print media affairs with the Dailly Observer Newspaper. Since then he has created his own enviable space. He is a student at the University of Liberia.


  1. The “Guinea Pig”, Context.
    I respect Dr. Nyan a lot. I ‘ m aware of his achievement, but sometimes people who have made significant achievements, can veer of track a bid. In the words of WHO President Tedros Adhanom, “African will not be used as a guinea pig this time”. ” No laboratory testing field in Africa this Time, We are all human being”. If the vaccine being developed by the two French Scientists will be used on human being, there is no shortage of human species in France to be tested there. For example, a gram negative cell (semi permeability ) is dangerous to all human being, black or white. What affect one human species, affect any other human being; it doesn’t distinguish between color of skin.

    It is time for Africa Elites and scholars to speak and seek the interest of the continent’s people. Often too long we have seen the interest of our people to be dash and left on the way side. This COVID-19 virus is very deadly, and on one factor; it’s serving as an “equalizer”. The world is realizing that virus doesn’t take break, it knows no boundary, neither does it distinguish between black, white, poor, high profile addresses etc. Residents of forbidden addresses that are off-limit to average people had fallen victim. There is no bonkers for any VIP to hide, therefore we are all facing it as a human family.

    Under normal circumstances, elites would had jet off to Europe, or somewhere for treatment or seek safe haven in villas across the globe. I respect Mr. Nyan a lot and have high regard for his achievement, but let the French researchers test the vaccine in France. If it works, I ‘m hopping it does, It will surely work in all humanity. Let’s do away with the guinea pig context, of using certain population as a trial method.

    Thanks to all fellow Liberians and the world, let’s fight to destroy COVID-19.
    The best weapon is not drones, sophisticated nuclear battle ship, jet bombers, marching infantry, but simple hands washing, respiratory mask and social distance. Something even the poorest man can do.

    Mamadu S. Bah,( N/P) Meridian Health

  2. Going to Africa to test a drug that could cure Covid-19 is scary. Of course, a drug has to be tested on human beings in order to know how effective the drug is. But going to Africa scares me!

    Rhineland Bastards:
    That’s how black Germans were called in Germany before and during the second World War. During the second WW, many Jews (according to the history books) were sent to the gas chambers and gassed to death, some would say because of their ethnicity. Sadly, the Rhineland Bastards or (black Germans) may have been gassed up as well, but the history books are silent on that. What’s been written about the Rhineland Bastards or (black Germans) is that a good number of them were used as laboratory animals by the Nazi medical scientists. In other words, the drugs that were invented during this critical period were tested on the Rhineland Bastards. (At your spare time, please check out the sad story of the Rhineland Bastards before and during the second World War).

    Going to Africa in order to test the effectiveness of a Covid-19 drug by French scientists “may not” be a newfound idea. I am not accusing the French scientists. I do not know if in fact drugs have been tested on Africans by the French. What I do know is that during the second WW, black Germans (and I suppose other minorities such as the gypsies) may have suffered a similar fate.

    The Bottom Line:
    Since Covid-19 is a pandemic, I think the drug should be tested on every continent on planet earth. Also, because the Coronavirus originated in Wuhan China, maybe, just maybe China would be a good place to do the testing. I could be wrong, knowing myself! But if y’all agree for the testing to be done in Africa, I leave it up y’all.

    Blame Game:
    Please listen very, very carefully. Do not read between the lines, but rather read what’s written on the lines.

    Personally, I thank the Ethiopian WHO representative for saying no! My people, African leaders are weak! I bet you brothers and sisters of Africa….if those people (no name) pop a million bucks in the stinky mouth of that African who calls himself or herself “a leader”, he or she will put forth 100 Africans to be tested with that French drug immediately.

    Why? Let’s do a hypothetical….
    If an African invents a drug, will it be possible for that drug’s effectiveness to be tested on any country other than Africa? Did I hear you say yes? Okay. Tell me where. I am listening.

    I am forever proud of Dr. Nyan. When Nyan made his scientific discovery in the state of Maryland, he almost lost it! Why? Well, let’s put it this way,. . ….. Nyan’s invention was credited to some people, who are not black or brown by “some” people whom he had worked with. That’s what I was told. But all you have to do is this….enter his name into your browser and let your finger do the rest. He had to involve a member of Congress to investigate.

    God says if we call upon his name sincerely, He will answer. Let’s pray. Let’s call Him Jehovah! We are poor. But He listens to people regardless of our wealth or economic background. This desease must go in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    As always, peace.

  3. I hereby dis-agreed with my own man Dr. Nyan on this one, that said invented vaccines should be try in Africa and on Black Africans.

    Is there any scientific theory on proof/evidence why these drugs/vaccines invented by white scientists cannot be tested on white populations or populations in their respective Countries?

    For example, we have 350 Million human beings in the United States of America alone. We have almost 500 Million human beings in Europe.
    We have approximately 1.2 Billions Chinese who are literally more than the entire Africa in human population.
    However, the Corona virus (COVID-19) have affected the Asians and whites Countries mostly, so why not carry on these vaccination exercises/trials in these white and Asian Countries?

    Could you Dr. Nyan be given the opportunity to do a vaccines trial on German citizens after you have invented the drugs/vaccines in Liberia?

    Let us be logical here. There are so many human populations and communties across France, United States, Britain, Europe, and Asia, so why not test these Corona drugs here?

  4. Da plenty book using my kontry man, Dr. Nyan. Please, y’all forgive him. He still feel Africans should be used as “guinea pigs”.


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