Local Travel Agents Induct New Leadership

The new LTAA leadership and some board members

The newly-elected corps of officers of Liberian Travel Agency Association (LTAA) have been inducted into office, to steer the affairs of the Association for the constituted time frame of two years. They are to also ensure that local travel agencies take over the sector in the coming years.

This dream, according to the Association’s new leadership, is to be engendered by government’s commitment to improve the sector.

The induction ceremony was held recently in Monrovia where Minister of Information Lenn Eugene Nagbe served both as guest speaker and induction officer.

The LTAA is being led by a travel and tourism expert, Alpha Tah, who is referred to by colleagues as a ‘visionary,’ that will ensure Liberians become a dominant force in the sector.

Alpha Tah said in her inaugural speech: “I am indeed glad for the privilege and the God-given opportunity accorded me to serve as president of LTAA. It is noteworthy to acknowledge the dispensation that such a vivacious responsibility has come to us not by accident, but an imposition to do our part in the Liberian travel industry and the world at large.”

Min. Nagbe administers oath of office to members of LTAA new leadership

Though a huge task to shoulder, Ms. Tah believes that the travel and tourism industry is “whence we have our strength and fortitude to keep to its decency.”

Liberia is at a crossroad, with the peril and challenges of daunting poverty, unemployment and lack of opportunities, and Ms. Tah asked, “Do we sit idle and get overwhelmed in these entanglements? A big no! Because we all know that an idle man is the devil’s workshop and an idle hand is the devil’s tool.”

It is therefore the responsibility of members of the Association, especially its leadership, “to play a part and help change the story of our people from despair to hope.”

However, she later realized that her dream was farfetched, beyond the pageantry of traveling and knowing the world. “It became about service to people by imparting their lives.”

LTAA’s president Tah delivers her inaugural address

“For us at the Liberia Travel Agency Association, the industry and its many filaments are our passion and the pinnacle of our dreams to success. We must live it and protect it,” Tah said.

Minister Nagbe said one major problem that the sector’s stakeholders are confronted with is separating the regulatory and policy arms of the industry.

The lack of a program to redevelop the sector has been one of the major challenges—even those rudimentary things that would ensure international best practices are major obstacles, Nagbe said.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of major stakeholders.


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