Local Rights Group Wants Collective Protection of Liberia’s Democracy


The non-governmental organization, Foundation for Human Rights Defense (FOHRD), has cautioned Liberians to rise above individual loyalty and personal interest to protect and defend Liberia’s democracy, noting that without the democracy existing here everyone will be an unsafe status in the country.

“We are charged with the responsibility to safeguard our democracy and as such, we must all stand up to put our nation above everything,” says Tee Wonokay, FOHRD’s Executive Director.

FOHRD is a non-profit organization that monitors, documents and publishes issues that effect human rights and constitutional democracy.

Wonokay said if Liberia’s democracy tends to fail, then, the issue of human rights, freedom and justice for all will fail because they are linked together.

Making a special statement at his official welcoming ceremony held on Thursday, December 30, 2020, at Lagoon Resort in Oldest Congo town, MR. Wonokay said though democracy has its own shortcomings, pros and cons, it is promising.

“The survival of democracy depends on men and women like us. Somebody must stand up fearlessly and put the nation first” he added.

According to the executive director, justice and equality are values that are opposed by stronger forces, but citizens must remain determined, courageous and fearless in taking the steps required to safely deliver a better democracy for future generations.

Wonokay further explained that in order to preserve democracy, citizens are obligated to stand up for what is right and disengage from corrupt practices.

“Doing what is right will deliver our democracy to its final destination,” Tee added

According to FOHRD’s Program Director Alaskai Moore Johnson, the organization currently has 75 students on scholarship at the Children Rescue Center, (Orphanage home), in Mount Barclay, Paynesville.

Tee added that “At FOHRD, our goal for the upcoming quarter is to triple the number of children currently enrolled into our scholarship and feeding programs, and we encourage every Liberian to find something that they can do to give a young child a better future. This is the promise of our democracy that we must protect.”

Shelly T. Harris, a beneficiary of the FOHRD scholarship, thanked FOHRD for supporting them through their educational sojourn. “We are appealing to FOhRD to extend the scholarship to college or University level so we can be able to fully achieve our dreams.”

Referencing the Holy Bible, Shelly said a hand that is opened to charity is an angel on earth. “It’s not an easy task to send an individual to school from kindergarten to 12th grade.”

Peter N. Wonokay, FOHRD’s Country Director, said his organization overtime has engaged in advocacy against rape and preaching peace messages during the senatorial and representative  bi- elections amongst other.


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