Local NGO Identifies With Islamic Orphanage

Kahatain Orphans jubilate with members of Brown Beans shortly after receiving the items.

Amid the harsh economic realities prevailing in the country, a charity Brown Beans Organization, on Sunday, April 14, 2019, identified with the Kahatain Orphanage Home in Brewerville, outside Monrovia.

The group donated assorted food items, worth over US$470, as part of their efforts to address some of the orphans challenges.

Kahatain is the only Islamic Orphan Mission in Liberia since 1998, but with a little external support, it now caters to 270 orphans, who lack basic necessities to include food, clothes, electricity supply health and sanitation facilities.

Brown Beans spokesperson, Ms. Condeh Saran, said with support from some well-meaning individuals and philanthropist organizations based in the U.S., the organization can now identify with some of the societal less fortunate children.

She expressed frustration shortly after seeing how society has seemingly abandoned the orphans.

Ms. Saran said the lack of food at various orphanages in the country was worrisome, adding, “it is always important the orphans to have food at all times so that they can willingly learn, but in the absence of food, it becomes difficult to listen to a teacher.”

“We want to say a big thank you to those who, through their kind courtesies, we were able to receive those items that we donated to the orphans.

The items were received from Swoop Turck in the U.S. Shirley Strieter, U.S., Bangalee Kamara, and Heather Butler and Elizabeth Ron Butler.

Prior to the donation, Brown Beans launched a campaign to raise approximately US$15,000 to increase feeding for schools catering to some of the orphans.

The senior coordinator of the charity group, Prince Okai, said the campaign was launched to raise some money to identify with some of the orphanages in the leeward counties.

The campaign, according to Okai, remains open to individuals and humanitarian organizations to make their contribution for the orphans, specifically those in schools.

Brown Beans was first established in Nigeria during the early 1990s, and subsequently extended its branch to Liberia in 2006.  Since then, it has been championing the cause for orphans in Montserrado and other parts of the country to ensure that they get the needed support.

Osman Kanneh, vice principal of the Kahatain Children village Islamic High School, lauded Brown Beans for their timely intervention.  Mr. Kanneh said the Kahatain Children village being the only Islamic Orphanage Mission in Liberia, has been abandoned for so long, adding, “many times children go to bed hungry due to the lack of food.”

He then extended gratitude to Mary’s Meals, which according to him, has on previous occasions, identified with them on a monthly basis.

Mary’s Meals is also a charity organization that sets up school feeding projects in some of the world’s poorest communities, including Liberia, where hunger and poverty prevent children from gaining a quality education.


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