Local Business Owners Commend President Weah


Money ex-changers, petty traders and marketeers in the Rehab Community, outside Monrovia, yesterday lauded President George Weah for fulfilling a promise he made to them shortly after he was elected President, an Executive Mansion release has said.

According to the release, President Weah has erected a temporary structure for money exchangers that enables them comfortably and safely conduct their business activities, while a market building is being constructed for petty traders and marketeers.

A representative of the money ex-changers told journalists on Wednesday that the president’s gesture is in fulfillment of the campaign promise he made to them.

“The money ex-changers did not make any formal request to the president to build the structure, but the construction came as a big surprise at the time and when we were worried about the ensuing rainy season,” the representative said.

“Usually, the release said, during the rainy season, traders are always forced to leave the ELWA Junction selling area, because of the lack of shelter; this has created problems for them to meet the needs of their customers,” said the marketeers’ spokesperson, William Harris.

Harris then appealed to President Weah to extend the gesture to other parts of the country where other money ex-changers are encountering constraints to transact business in furtherance of his government’s pro-poor agenda.

Also, Rehab Community Market Superintendent, only known as Ma-Cecelia, termed as unprecedented President Weah’s decision to construct a new market structure for them at this time of the year.

Ma-Cecelia promised on behalf of the marketeers to always remember President Weah. “I started selling here since 2005, but those of us that were selling really suffer under a damaged tent; but we were praying to God for a good selling place; and today, God has answered our prayers for the president to start constructing a new building for us to sell our market,” Ma-Cecelia said.

She continued, “The President has started a great thing for us, and we are happy and tell God thank you for him for the new market building for the community.”

Amid a rising exchange rate of the Liberian and U.S. dollars, Ma Cecelia craved President Weah’s intervention to address the problem, to enable them attend to challenges they are faced with.

“One thing that is causing hardship for us is the U.S. dollar rate; it is causing us not to make profit; we are experiencing problems in paying our children’s school fees because of the exchange rate,” Ma Cecelia said.

One of the prominent marketeers, Ellen D. Mulbah, also appreciated President Weah for erecting a new and durable market shelter for them.

She said, “I am feeling too happy that the president is building for us a new structure after several years of selling in a dangerous building; therefore, I want to thank him for that decision.”

According to the release, President Weah undertook the initiative out of his own volition in consideration of his promise and commitment to provide level-playing field for Liberian businesses.


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