Local-based Entity Launches New Project


Straight From My Heart (STOMART), a faith-based organization on Saturday, August 17, 2019 launched a ‘new’ project to mentor and provide care for youth, disadvantaged people with special needs (physically challenged) to help them discover their destiny.

The project, which was launched in partnership with the Restoration Baptist Women’s Ministries, will provide counseling and training for women, young people, as well as mentorship, particularly for the physically challenged. It was held under the theme, “Limitations are not Your Destiny, Same Woman, Different Destiny.”

STOMART executive director, A. Clementina W-Johnson, said the organization would help cultivate and inspire individuals with the ability to recover, grow and achieve excellence in their lives at all levels.

Mother Johnson said STOMART is also intended to promote school retention among women, young people and others with special needs in some of the formal and informal and formal institutions with the aim to inspire the youth.

“Today, we are blessed and honored for your presence at this special occasion,” she added.

Mother Johnson said her desire is to serve humanity with the hope that in “our service we will be able to win someone over to the kingdom for the glory of God; and STOMART is expected to provide scholarships for women, young people, particularly people with limitations as per their need.”

She continued, “At STOMART, we are excited to share the love of Jesus Christ through God’s word the Bible, and personal testimonies as a life-guiding principle to women and our young generation to ensure they fulfill their purpose and unique destiny.”

Mother Johnson said that STOMART will ensure that the beneficiaries be ambassadors for change in their families, community and nation-wide instilling in them the power of using kind words, and listening/critical thinking.

She said her vision was to share with the president of the Women’s Ministry at Restoration Baptist Ministries, Deacon Sando Wessehtues, “how I would begin speaking at the regular women’s tarry every last Friday in the month.”

Mother Johnson said that Deacon Wessehtues embraced the idea, and subsequently afforded the opportunity to establish the STOMART.

The STOMART CEO added, “The body of a woman should never be used for fleshly lust, because of Christ’s resurrection to glory; we are to be clean as vessels fitted for God’s purpose, and we should only glorify Him with our bodies.”

In that meeting, she said, each woman was encouraged to use her body to glorify God and not dishonor Him (God); and because of that, it was important to make a decision; and on September 13, 2018 the first devotional post of “Straight from the Heart” was posted in the RBM family chat room from Romans 8:28 — “we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.”

She said the name was changed from “Straight from the Heart” to “Straight from my Heart” due to another organization (Arthur and Zwannah First Autism Classroom), which was launched in 2018 with the same-named “Straight from the Heart.”


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