Local Advocacy Group Welcomes Dismissal of EPS Deputy

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The Independent Human Rights Investigators (IHRI), a local based rights advocacy group, in collaboration with Liberia Independent Advocates for Human Rights (LIAHR) have welcomed the recent decision taken by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to dismiss the Executive Protection Service (EPS) Deputy Director for Operations, Darlington George for assaulting a lady.

On Monday, September 14, an altercation between Darlington George and Ms. Varnester Maday Kiatamba escalated into to a physical assault by the EPS deputy on the woman. George allegedly also ordered his bodyguard to strike Miss Varnester Maday Kiatamba with a glass bottle, which left her face badly wounded.

The dismissed EPS Deputy Director has since been forwarded to the Ministry of Justice for investigation.

IHRI founder, Adama K. Dempster, and Melvin Nyanway, Executive Coordinator of LIAHR, in their joint statement, condemned in the strongest terms the action of Mr. George for his lack of morals and unprofessional behavior.

The IHRI and LIAHR further stresses that the former EPS director for Operations, like any other government officials or ordinary Liberians, is not above the law.

They noted that a similar case of such unprofessional behavior on the part of security personnel in this government regarding the shooting incident that led to the death of one Silver Jay allegedly between security guards of former Deputy SSS Director, Ashford Peal and now Police Director Chris Massaquoi.

According to them, Mr. Peal was immediately relieved of his post as it is in the case of Darlington George, and the Ministry of Justice was called in by President Sirleaf to probe into the matter.

However, the outcome of that investigation is unknown and “we are appealing to the President to seriously look into the matter.”

IHRI and LIAHR have also called on the Justice Ministry to process without delay the speedy prosecution into the incident in order to get justice for the victim and ensure that full medical treatment is afforded Ms. Kiatamba.


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