Local Advocacy Group to Celebrate ‘Good Civil Servants’


The transparency advocacy group, Accountability Lab Liberia has launched what it calls “Integrity Idol Liberia 2015” highlight and award five outstanding civil servants in December this year.
The awarding of the civil servants will be predicated upon good conduct in the Liberian public sector which has been many times described as corrupt and inefficient.
In spite of the rampant ills looming in the society, the Accountability Lab believes that there are still good people in Liberia.
Accountability Lab has been in existence in Liberia for four years, and has been engaged in preaching against corruption of all forms, tapping into the creative sector as a way to inspire and educate Liberian youth toward integrity.
At a press briefing on August 19 in Monrovia, West Africa Representative of the group, W. Lawrence Yealue, II stressed that while the country is overwhelmed by corruption and other social vices, the group believes there are still good people that are honestly working in public sector and should therefore be celebrated.
Accompanied by two of his colleagues including Francis Egu Lasana, who serves as country president for the group, he said under the Integrity Idol Liberia, they are soliciting names of good civil servants around the country from which five best servants will be selected through vetting by trustworthy jurors.
Mr. Yealue indicated that there are good, honest and committed civil servants in the country whose works are hidden because of corruption, and celebrating them will cause those without such ethical values to imitate them to reduce corruption.
“The Integrity Idol campaign will open a nomination process through which any Liberian can nominate an honest civil servant by filling in printed forms or sending through social media. A team will then verify submissions and select a respectable expert panel that will narrow the field of submission to the top five. They will thereafter be filmed doing their jobs, talking about why it is important to have integrity and interacting with others who can vouch for their great work,” Mr. Yealue emphasized.
He said good comportment including time consciousness, proper care of public properties and efficiency on job, which oppose misuse of public properties, lateness, and procrastination, amongst others are those values that they are seeking about from the finalists.
Mr. Yealue then explained that the exercise is not meant for monetary benefit, but winners will be showcased around the world, and to the Liberian people to know them for their good deeds toward their country.
He said before coming out with names of finalists, they will do background investigations on finalists in their communities and former areas of work.
“We know that the country has many good people as opposed to the bad ones. We therefore have to celebrate good behavior and reward it so that others will forsake evil work to cleave onto what is good, and this is why we are engaging in this venture under our program to get good people to the public instead of just hearing and seeing the bad ones all of the time,” he said.
Mr. Yealue disclosed that Accountability Lab also works in Pakistan and Nepal, stressing that it is not a new organization to the world.
The organization also supports Liberians to build creative tools for integrity and accountability in their respective communities.
It provides training, mentorship, networks, management support and seed funding for the development of low-cost, high-impact ideas for positive change.


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